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API for Web Audio (JS)
Nim bindings for https://github.com/zserge/webview, a cross platform single header webview library
A sinatra-like web framework for Nim.
A web DSL for Nim
Hackathon Web Scratchpad for teaching Nim on events using Wifi with limited or no Internet
Very simple browser Javascript TTY web terminal
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
Library for querying HTML using CSS-selectors, like JavaScripts document.querySelector
macro-based HTML templating engine
Nim wrapper for libcurl.
WebP Tools wrapper for Nim
A wrapper for the libsass library.
Experimental wrapper to webgl for Nim
Compiles jade templates to Nim procedures.
Nim bindings for libshout
Bindings for picohttpparser.
websockets for nim
A simple string templating library for Nim.
RESTful URI router
mofuw is *MO*re *F*aster, *U*ltra *W*ebserver
Websockets wrapper for nim js backend.
Template generator for gester
Generates a GitHub documentation website for Nim projects.
Mustache templating for Nim.
Implementation of the WebDriver w3c spec.
Bindings for Closure Compiler web API.
Whip is high performance web application server based on httpbeast a nest for redix tree based routing with some extra opmtizations.
Simple web to share books, Calibre, Jester, Spectre CSS, No JavaScript, WebP & ZIP to reduce bandwidth
Handler framework for the Mongrel2 web server.
A tiny static file web server.
A Nim wrapper for the Spotify Web API
JSON Web Tokens for Nim
Library for interacting with Amazon Web Services (AWS)