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Nim module for filename matching with UNIX shell patterns
daemonizer for Unix, Linux and OS X
Nim port of Python's spwd module for working with the UNIX shadow password file
Nim port of Python's grp module for working with the UNIX group database file
Unix process&system query&formatting library&multi-command CLI in Nim
Nim port of Python's pwd module for working with the UNIX password file
subhook wrapper
A performant and scalable HTTP server.
PROXY Protocol enabler for aged programs
A post-modern, "multi-dimensional" configurable ls/file lister
This library makes your code run as a daemon process on Unix-like systems
A library for colorizing paths according to LS_COLORS
Shebang frontend for running nim code as scripts. Does not require .nim extensions.
Nim implementation of the standard unix drand48 pseudo random number generator
getch() for Windows and Unix
Pure library for matching file paths against Unix style glob patterns.
An efficient HTTP tool suite written in pure nim. Help you to write HTTP services or clients via TCP, UDP, or even Unix Domain socket, etc.