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UI building with Gnome's Glade
A wrapper for libui
Nim's Windows GUI Framework.
A curses inspired simple cross-platform console library for Nim
A simple GUI front for Nimble.
UUID wrapper
A simple progress bar for Nim.
NiGui is a cross-platform, desktop GUI toolkit using native widgets.
Cross-platform GUI framework
React.js bindings for Nim
Easy and fast generator for valid json in nim
A Rustbox-inspired termbox wrapper
An easy way to build homebrew files for the Nintendo Switch
Nim bindings for https://github.com/zserge/webview, a cross platform single header webview library
better cookie handling
bindings to cimgui - https://github.com/cimgui/cimgui
Chart plugin for wNim.
wraps GTK+ or Windows' open file dialogs
Grid plugin for wNim.
This module provides the genui macro for the Gtk2 toolkit. Genui is a way to specify graphical interfaces in a hierarchical way to more clearly show the structure of the interface as well as simplifying the code.
Python requirements.txt generic parser for Nim
Implements framework-agnostic native operating system dialogs calls
A QuickJS wrapper for Nim
A Nim source only UUID generator
UUID library for Nim
A SQLbuilder with support for NULL values