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UI building with Gnome's Glade
A wrapper for libui
Implements framework-agnostic native operating system dialogs calls
Nim's Windows GUI Framework.
This module provides the genui macro for the Gtk2 toolkit. Genui is a way to specify graphical interfaces in a hierarchical way to more clearly show the structure of the interface as well as simplifying the code.
UUID wrapper
Chart plugin for wNim.
NiGui is a cross-platform, desktop GUI toolkit using native widgets.
Cross-platform GUI framework
UUID library for Nim
A modular GUI toolkit for rapid
Nim bindings for https://github.com/zserge/webview, a cross platform single header webview library
React.js bindings for Nim
A simple progress bar for Nim.
better cookie handling
wraps GTK+ or Windows' open file dialogs
Grid plugin for wNim.
A SQLbuilder with support for NULL values
A Nim source only UUID generator
A curses inspired simple cross-platform console library for Nim
a simple test framework for nim.
Python requirements.txt generic parser for Nim
Figma based UI library for nim, with HTML and OpenGL backends.
React.js 16.x bindings for Nim
A QuickJS wrapper for Nim
An easy way to build homebrew files for the Nintendo Switch
JSON Web Tokens for Nim
Easy and fast generator for valid json in nim
bindings to cimgui - https://github.com/cimgui/cimgui
A simple GUI front for Nimble.
A Rustbox-inspired termbox wrapper