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Simple screenshot library & cli tool made in Nim
pas2nim is a tool to translate Pascal code to Nim.
c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim.
tool to generate installers for Nim programs
Simple command line tool to make git more intuitive, along with useful GitHub addons.
a tiny tool to bump nimble versions
lolcat implementation in Nim
Itertools for Nim
A mod manager for TF2
Manage CSV files
Various asynchronous tools for Nim
High level xml library for Nim
Support for serialization of objects
HTML5 Tools for Nim, all Templates, No CSS, No Libs, No JS Framework
Metaprogramming tools for Nim
rect is a command to crop/paste rectangle text.
CMake for Nimble
Executable for finding information about programs in PATH
A build tool for Neverwinter Nights projects
remarker_light is a command line tool for building a remark-based slideshow page very easily.
Tool to clean up filenames shared on Dropbox
Plotting tool using NiGui
Micro benchmarking tool to measure speed of code, with the goal of optimizing it.
Nim bindings for the GraphViz tool and the DOT graph language
The Fast-Light Tool Kit
An efficient HTTP tool suite written in pure nim. Help you to write HTTP services or clients via TCP, UDP, or even Unix Domain socket, etc.
Tool for providing auto completion data for Nim source code.
a benchmark tool