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A library for rendering text with paranim
Quickly extracts natural-language text from a MediaWiki XML file.
fastText wrapper for Nim
A command lined based text editor
Binary <-> text conversion.
A client for the Google Cloud Text to Speech API.
gyaric is a module to encode/decode text to unreadable gyaru's text.
Parse fixed-width fields within lines of text (complementary to parsecsv)
Text editor to speed up testing code snippets
Fonts, Typesetting and Rasterization.
Signed Distance Field builder for contour texturing in Nim
eastasianwidth is library for EastAsianWidth.
utf-8 string
fastText porting in Nim
Print fabulously in your terminal
rect is a command to crop/paste rectangle text.
alignment is a library to align strings.
Simple reST HTML generation with some extras.
Text string translation from free online crowdsourced API. Tinyslation a tiny translation.
a nim library for drawing 2d shapes, text, and images to 32bit software pixel buffers
A command to encode / decode text with your dictionary
Nim module that converts Markdown text to HTML using only regular expressions. Based on jbroadway's Slimdown.
Unicode text segmentation tr29
OwO text convewtew fow Nim