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utf-8 string
String algorithms with succinct data structures
String interpolation with printf syntax
Swift-like unicode string handling
Converts a number into a specially formatted Unicode string
alignment is a library to align strings.
Additional functions for sequences that are not present in sequtils
Redneck Translator for Y'all
Sweet_Anita Translator, help spread awareness about Tourettes
A simple gap buffer implementation
Simple implementation of string slices with some of the strutils ported or wrapped to work on them. String slices offer a performance enhancement when working with large amounts of slices from one base string
Port of Milo Yip's fast dtoa() implementation
Nim library for shared types
Efficient hash table that is a key-value mapping (removed from stdlib)
Parsing and serializing for the TNetstring format.
Library for splitting a string into shell words
Checks if a provided string is actually a correct IP address. Supports detection of Class A to D of IPv4 addresses.
A string formatting library inspired by Python's `format`.
Grapheme aware string handling (Unicode tr29)
PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) string matching library for Nim
Text string translation from free online crowdsourced API. Tinyslation a tiny translation.
Convert a Nim file or string to Markdown
Collection of string, parsing, pointer, ... utilities.
A simple string templating library for Nim.
Human friendly DateTime string representations, seconds to millenniums.
packedjson is an alternative Nim implementation for JSON. The JSON is essentially kept as a single string in order to save memory over a more traditional tree representation.
String interning library