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utf-8 string
String algorithms with succinct data structures
String interpolation with printf syntax
Swift-like unicode string handling
Converts a number into a specially formatted Unicode string
The Levenshtein Nim module contains functions for fast computation of Levenshtein distance and string similarity.
Simple implementation of string slices with some of the strutils ported or wrapped to work on them. String slices offer a performance enhancement when working with large amounts of slices from one base string
alignment is a library to align strings.
Additional functions for sequences that are not present in sequtils
A simple gap buffer implementation
Redneck Translator for Y'all
Sweet_Anita Translator, help spread awareness about Tourettes
Efficient hash table that is a key-value mapping (removed from stdlib)
A library of useful functions and tools for nim.
Port of Milo Yip's fast dtoa() implementation
Nim library for shared types
Parsing and serializing for the TNetstring format.
Functions for string validation
Grapheme aware string handling (Unicode tr29)
Checks if a provided string is actually a correct IP address. Supports detection of Class A to D of IPv4 addresses.
PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) string matching library for Nim
Text string translation from free online crowdsourced API. Tinyslation a tiny translation.
A string formatting library inspired by Python's `format`.
packedjson is an alternative Nim implementation for JSON. The JSON is essentially kept as a single string in order to save memory over a more traditional tree representation.
A simple string templating library for Nim.
Human friendly DateTime string representations, seconds to millenniums.
Convert a Nim file or string to Markdown
Collection of string, parsing, pointer, ... utilities.
String interning library
Library for splitting a string into shell words