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A modern and extensible serialization framework for Nim
Flexible JSON serialization not relying on run-time type information
Support for serialization of objects
Nim Hessian Serialization Library encodes/decodes data into the Hessian binary protocol
Nim implementation of the Bittorrent ascii serialization protocol
A Protocol Buffers library for Nim
Protocol Buffers compiler support package for nimpb
Another MessagePack implementation written in pure nim
Our very personal collection of utilities
A macro for generating [de]serializers for given objects
Port of Milo Yip's fast dtoa() implementation
Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing for Nim
Protobuf implementation in pure Nim that leverages the power of the macro system to not depend on any external tools
Extensible bit vector integer encoding library
Cap'n Proto implementation for Nim
Parsing and serializing for the TNetstring format.
YAML 1.2 implementation for Nim
A MessagePack binding for Nim
RESP(REdis Serialization Protocol) Serialization for Nim
Deprecated RLP serialization library for Nim (now part of the 'eth' module)