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Parsing language
Wrapper for high performance HTTP parsing library.
Provides a small command line parsing DSL (domain specific language)
Binary parser (and writer) in pure Nim. Generates efficient parsing procedures that handle many commonly seen patterns seen in binary files and does sub-byte field reading.
Library for parsing, stringifying, reading, and writing CSV (comma separated value) files
wrapper around libplist https://github.com/libimobiledevice/libplist
Infer & generate command-line interace/option/argument parsers
Command-line args parser based on Usage message
Provides a complex command-line parser
Intel hex file utility library
Opt parser using synopsis as specification, ported from Lua.
High level xml library for Nim
YAML 1.2 implementation for Nim
Expat wrapper for Nim
Semantic versioning parser for Nim. Allows the parsing of version strings into objects and the comparing of version objects.
Collection of string, parsing, pointer, ... utilities.
Nim wrapper of the tree-sitter incremental parsing library
Nim library for parsing PLS, M3U, and XSPF playlist files
Nim module for parsing SRT (SubRip) subtitle files
Nim module for parsing SubViewer subtitle files
Library for parsing TOML files.
Nim module for parsing ITN (TomTom intinerary) files
Nim module for parsing GPX (GPS Exchange format) files
Parsing and serializing for the TNetstring format.