26 packages found

Nimble package manager
Nim library to bundle dependency files into executable
a tiny tool to bump nimble versions
A hacky helper lib for authoring Nim packages with package-level visiblity
A library for cleanly creating an object or tuple based on another object or tuple
A simple hex package for Nim
Localization package for Nim.
Spinny is a tiny terminal spinner package for the Nim Programming Language.
A decentralized (pseudo) package manager and script runner.
An entity component system package
A package that makes creating macros easier
A Nim package to convert filesizes into other units, and turns filesizes into human readable strings.
A new awesome nimble package
github-release package
A package to compile nim functions for AWS Lambda
Temporary package to fix broken code in 0.11.2 stable.
This package allows you to determine the running version of the Windows operating system.
Package for packing and unpacking byte data
A Grid (R) like package in Nim
A fork of John Novak (john@johnnovak.net)'s illwill package that is less safe numbers wise
Simple package for query HTML/XML elements using a CSS3 or jQuery-like selector syntax
The elvis package implements a 'truthy', 'ternary' and a 'coalesce' operator to Nim as syntactic sugar for working with conditional expressions
A package to get the MAC address of a local IP address
Compiler package providing the compiler sources as a library.
faker is a Nim package that generates fake data for you.
Protocol Buffers compiler support package for nimpb