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Nimble package manager
a tiny tool to bump nimble versions
A hacky helper lib for authoring Nim packages with package-level visiblity
Nim library to bundle dependency files into executable
github-release package
A lexer generator and parser generator package work in Nim.
An entity component system package
A new awesome nimble package
A simple hex package for Nim
A package to get the MAC address of a local IP address
A decentralized (pseudo) package manager and script runner.
This package allows you to determine the running version of the Windows operating system.
A fork of John Novak (john@johnnovak.net)'s illwill package that is less safe numbers wise
Compiler package providing the compiler sources as a library.
Protocol Buffers compiler support package for nimpb
Localization package for Nim.
Simple package for query HTML/XML elements using a CSS3 or jQuery-like selector syntax
A Grid (R) like package in Nim
The elvis package implements a 'truthy', 'ternary' and a 'coalesce' operator to Nim as syntactic sugar for working with conditional expressions
Spinny is a tiny terminal spinner package for the Nim Programming Language.
Temporary package to fix broken code in 0.11.2 stable.
Package for packing and unpacking byte data
A package to compile nim functions for AWS Lambda