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High-level and low-level wrapper for OpenGL
eaiser use of OpenGL and GLSL shaders
Little game library using opengl and sfml
Figma based UI library for nim, with HTML and OpenGL backends.
OpenGL math library
Nim wrapper for the C NanoVG antialiased vector graphics rendering library for OpenGL
Static GLFW for nim
A library for rendering text with paranim
bindings to bgfx c99 api
Wrapper for Allegro version 5.X
Port of c++ glm library with shader-like syntax
Obsolete - please use egl instead!
Nim wrapper for (and with) Celtoys's Remotery
Wrapper of the libtcod library for the Nim language.
A collection of reusable modules and wrappers.
Shaders in Nim.
A game library
nim wrapper around the AntTweakBar c library
High level OpenGL-based Game Library
Bindings for EGL, the native platform interface for rendering APIs.
Bindings for Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (through CSFML)
nice way of handling render code
Nim wrapper for libtess2
BGFX wrapper for the nim programming language.
Nim bindings for GLFW library.
A high-level GLFW 3 wrapper
Bindings for OpenGL ES, the embedded 3D graphics library.