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Unified db access module, providing a single library module to access the db_sqlite, db_mysql and db_postgres modules.
Auto-generate a Python module that wraps a Nim module.
High level wrapper for build nginx module w/ nginx-c-function
Nim module/thread initialisation ordering library
Module for working with EPUB e-book files
A helper module for writing unit tests in Nim with nake or similar build system.
Nim module for parsing SRT (SubRip) subtitle files
Nim module for parsing SubViewer subtitle files
Graphics module for Nim.
The ex-stdlib module complex.
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.
Nim module for parsing GPX (GPS Exchange format) files
Too awesome procs to be included in nimrod.os module
The ex-stdlib module fsmonitor.
module for creating and reading QR codes using http://goqr.me/
Bring a gettext-like internationalisation module to Nim
Module for working with rational numbers (fractions)
Nim module for filename matching with UNIX shell patterns
Nim module for better URI handling
Grafana module for Nim
Nim module for generating URL identifiers for Tiny URL and bit.ly-like URLs
Nim port of Python's spwd module for working with the UNIX shadow password file
Nim port of Python's grp module for working with the UNIX group database file
This module is a port of the Java implementation of the Zhang-Shasha algorithm for tree edit distance
Nim port of Python's pwd module for working with the UNIX password file
Nim module that converts Markdown text to HTML using only regular expressions. Based on jbroadway's Slimdown.
Module for working with paths that is as similar as possible to Python's pathlib
Nim module for parsing ITN (TomTom intinerary) files
Module for working with RIS citation files
Nim module for working with Firefox bookmarks
This module provides the genui macro for the Gtk2 toolkit. Genui is a way to specify graphical interfaces in a hierarchical way to more clearly show the structure of the interface as well as simplifying the code.
Plotting module in pure nim
Module to provide an interface as similar as possible to Python's math libary
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.