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This library is a wrapper to C GDBM library
A library to hide data in images. Usable as library or cli tool.
A Nim library to access the Binance API.
UUID library for Nim
Nim module/thread initialisation ordering library
Nim library with python-like functions and operators
pnm is library for PNM (Portable AnyMap).
stew is collection of utilities, std library extensions and budding libraries that are frequently used at Status, but are too small to deserve their own git repository.
A wrapper for the cMPFIT non-linear least squares fitting library
Wrapper for the markdown rendering hoedown library
Library for converting sequences to strings. Also has PHP-inspired explode and implode procs.
3DES native library for Nim
A very simple vector library
nim.uri3 is a Nim module that provides improved way for working with URIs. It is based on the uri module in the Nim standard library and fork from nim-uri2
Socks5 client and server library
A library to create interactive commandline menus without writing boilerplate code.
Discord library for Nim
Wrapper for librsvg, a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering library
Yet another iterator library
Bencode serialization/deserialization library
Wrapper of the AVbin library for the Nim language.
Simple Graph Library
Nim's Windows API and COM Library
Nim math library
Wraps the bcrypt (blowfish) library for creating encrypted hashes (useful for passwords)
OpenGL math library
RSS library
An efficient library for asynchronous programming
Wrapper of the SDL 2 library for the Nim language.
Design by Contract (DbC) library with minimal runtime.
Old Win API library for Nim
Library for detecting the format of a sound file
Graph data structure library
A wrapper for the libsecp256k1 C library
Library for reading KeePass files and decrypt the passwords within it
Sparkline library
ski is library for SKI combinator.
Bindings for CFITSIO, a library to read/write FITSIO images and tables.
Iterator library for Nim
Nim bindings for https://github.com/zserge/webview, a cross platform single header webview library
wrapper for FreeType2 library
Nim library for parsing PLS, M3U, and XSPF playlist files
Color and utilities library for linux terminal.
A wrapper for the non-linear optimization C library Nlopt
Bindings for golib - a library that (ab)uses gccgo to bring Go's channels and goroutines to the rest of the world
alignment is a library to align strings.
A wrapper for libu2f, a library for FIDO/U2F
wrapper for the GNU multiple precision arithmetic library (GMP)
Little game library using opengl and sfml
High level OpenGL-based Game Library
Binding for Qt 5's Qt SQL library that integrates with the features of the Nim language. Uses one API for multiple database engines.
Actors library for Nim inspired by akka-actors
Bindings for Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (through CSFML)
Library for working with arbitrary values + a map data structure.
Bindings for Chipmunk2D 6.x physics library
Bindings for the HDF5 data format C library
A simple library for localizing Nim applications.
Nim wrapper for the libpng library
Nim library for implementing JSON-RPC clients and servers
Logging library with support for async IO, multithreading, Journald.
Wrapper for the Snappy-C compression library
A library that will add useful tools to Nim's arsenal.
Advanced logging library for Nim with structured logging, formatters, filters and writers.
A wrapper for the keccak-tiny C library
A library of useful functions and tools for nim.
A Nim library for data science and machine learning
Astronomical library for Nim
Nim Hessian Serialization Library encodes/decodes data into the Hessian binary protocol
Wrapper for the DevIL image library
eastasianwidth is library for EastAsianWidth.
Low-level twitter API wrapper library for Nim.
A nim wrapper for the Argon2 hashing library
TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library wrapper
Animated GIF writing library based on jo_gif
etcd client library
Nim metrics client library supporting the Prometheus monitoring toolkit
A graphics math library
Pseudo-random number generation library inspired by Python
Library for decompressing tar.gz files.
Additions to the Nim's standard library, like boost for C++
Wrapper for the nanomsg socket library that provides several common communication patterns
High level xml library for Nim
OAuth library for nim
A better regular expression library
A simple decimal library
Library for parsing TOML files.
i3 IPC client library
An Adaptive Index Library For Nim
Wrapper of the libtcod library for the Nim language.
A simple, stateless StatsD client library
Engine-agnostic library for computing 2D raycasted lights
Bindings to the FFTW library
Library for working with a slack app or sending messages to a slack channel (slack.com)
Database schema migration library for Nim language.
Polygon Clipper Library (Martinez Algorithm)
Client library for the Postmates API
A Protocol Buffers library for Nim
Tor helper library
Simple screenshot library & cli tool made in Nim
Currying library for Nim
library for generating PDF files
RC4 library implementation
Kaitai Struct runtime library for Nim
A low level GPIO library for the BeagleBone board family
A wrapper for the The Ethereum EVMC library
A command and library to generate mazes
gameoflife is library for Game of Life.
A simple library for Google Maps Geocoding API
A string formatting library inspired by Python's `format`.
Library for parsing, stringifying, reading, and writing CSV (comma separated value) files
Library for fast packet processing
A library to help you write rest APIs
Nim functional programming library
A library of functions to make creating games using Nim and SDL2 easier. This does not intend to be a full blown engine and tries to keep all the components loosely coupled so that individual parts can be used separately.
A Universal Result macro/object that normalizes the information returned from a procedure
JSON Web Tokens for Nim
libssh2 wrapper for Nim
A wrapper for the libsass library.
Secure Hash Algorithm - 2, [224, 256, 384, and 512 bits]
Signals/slots library.
BPG (Better Portable Graphics) for Nim
Easy way to 'Mock' C++ interface
Bindings for libsoundio
SDL 1.2 wrapper for Nim.
APIs available in the latests version of Nim, backported to older stable releases
ISAAC PRNG implementation on Nim
Implementation of Luhn algorithm in nim.
Binding to libogg
A modern and extensible serialization framework for Nim
An implementation of the observer pattern
OrientDB driver written in pure Nim, uses the OrientDB 2.0 Binary Protocol with Binary Serialization.
Nim implementation of Hashids
Handler framework for the Mongrel2 web server.
mmap-persistent SymSpell spell checking algorithm
Tuple manipulation utilities
Nim module that converts Markdown text to HTML using only regular expressions. Based on jbroadway's Slimdown.
Nim bindings for p5.js.
Read metadata from jpeg and tiff images.
Terminal dashboards.
Wrapper of the file procedures to provide an interface as similar as possible to that of Python
glue code generator to bind Nim and Lua together using Nim's powerful macro
Low-level wrapper for OpenCL
Nim wrapper for librdkafka
A Nim implementation of Ethash, the ethereum proof-of-work hashing function
The Storage Performance Development Kit(SPDK) provides a set of tools and libraries for writing high performance, scalable, user-mode storage applications.
Parsing and serializing for the TNetstring format.
Simple reST HTML generation with some extras.
Grid plugin for wNim.
typeclasses for Nim
Module for working with RIS citation files
256 colors for shell
PNG(Portable Network Graphics) encoder and decoder
A high-level libao wrapper
Nim modules for access to system Bluetooth resources.
A nimrod wrapper for libalpm
A dead code locator for Nim
Functional operations for iterators and slices, similar to sequtils
KWin JavaScript API wrapper
Nim module for filename matching with UNIX shell patterns
Nim Barreto-Naehrig pairing-friendly elliptic curve implementation
A wrapper for the vk.com API (russian social network)
Module for working with rational numbers (fractions)
Hi Fidelity Rendering Engine
Lightweight audio mixer for games
wave is a tiny WAV sound module
Definitions of various data structures used in the Ethereum eco-system
ZeroMQ 4 wrapper
ForestDB is fast key-value storage engine that is based on a Hierarchical B+-Tree based Trie, or HB+-Trie.
Simplified handling of command line options and config files
NOAA weather API wrapper
Another MessagePack implementation written in pure nim
Converts a number into a specially formatted Unicode string
Deprecated implementation of the Ethereum suite of P2P protocols (now part of the 'eth' package)
Boilerplate generator for Jester web framework
GeoNames API wrapper
Nim wrapper for the GitHub API
Binding to libvorbis
Nucleic acid folding and design.
A Mini Server Framework for Nim language
Graphs in nim!
Nim object validation using type field pragmas
Too awesome procs to be included in nimrod.os module
A high-level GLFW 3 wrapper
libp2p implementation in Nim
random Japanese name and address generator
Implementation of the WebDriver w3c spec.
Minimalistic libnotify wrapper for desktop notifications
Calendars, Timestamps and Timezones utilities.
Implements a simple IRC client.
wraps GTK+ or Windows' open file dialogs
GnuTLS wrapper
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.
Pastebin API wrapper
A collection of Ethereum related libraries
RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim
Infer & generate command-line interace/option/argument parsers
Yahoo! Weather API wrapper
Module for working with EPUB e-book files
Utils to work with javascript
Raw system calls for Nim
Useful utilities for manipulating and visualizing byte blobs
Unsafe in-place slicing
Simple multidimensional vector math
ANOther pure NIm MONGO driver.
A port of ggplot2 for Nim
Nim port of Python's pwd module for working with the UNIX password file
High level, asynchronous file API mimicking Python's file interface.
Base58 encoders and decoders for Bitcoin and CryptoNote addresses.
A db_sqlite fork with a proper typing
Termbox wrapper.
Arbitrary-precision integers
libgcrypt wrapper
JSON schema validation and creation.
A hacky helper lib for authoring Nim packages with package-level visiblity
A port of libnoise into pure nim, heavily inspired by Libnoise.Unity, but true to the original Libnoise
RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim
2D Delaunay triangulations
WebDAV Client for Nim
libffi wrapper for Nim.
Z3 binding for Nim
A comprehensive toolkit for all your testing needs
Nim - Java bridge
Binding and utilities for scrypt
Module to provide an interface as similar as possible to Python's math libary
Chart plugin for wNim.
Nim module which provides clean, zero-effort command line parsing.
A RPC framework for building web APIs
Additional functions for sequences that are not present in sequtils
Humanize elapsed time
User Agent parser for nim.
A Grid (R) like package in Nim
YAML 1.2 implementation for Nim
C2nim helper to simplify and automate wrapping C libraries
Syslog module.
libsodium wrapper
Nim's Windows GUI Framework.
UUID wrapper
Command-line args parser based on Usage message
A package that makes creating macros easier
Nim wrapper for libbacktrace
A simple cross language struct and enum file generator.
Low level bindings for GTK3 related libraries
A Nim source only UUID generator
daemonizer for Unix, Linux and OS X
🍕🍺 emoji support for Nim 👑 and the world 🌍
Convert between RGB, YIQ, HLS, and HSV color systems.
Lightweight audio mixer for SDL2
Nim bindings for GLFW library.
Wrapper for linenoise, a free, self-contained alternative to GNU readline.
BMP encoder and decoder
Wrapper for high performance HTTP parsing library.
eaiser use of OpenGL and GLSL shaders
Nim interface for PRIMME: PReconditioned Iterative MultiMethod Eigensolver
nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.
Nim wrapper around the git version control software
Wrapper for libsvm.
An entity component system package
Provides a complex command-line parser
A wrapper for libui
This module performs character tests.
A MessagePack binding for Nim
A pure-nim implementation of the STOMP protocol for machine messaging.
High level GObject-Introspection based GTK3 bindings
Compiler package providing the compiler sources as a library.
A beanstalkd work queue client library.
jieba's finalseg port to nim
official redis client for Nim
Collection of string, parsing, pointer, ... utilities.
Nim wrapper of the Sophia key/value store
Implements framework-agnostic native operating system dialogs calls
Nim module for working with Firefox bookmarks
A set of simple modules for writing a JavaScript 2D game.
Stack-based arbitrary-precision integers - Fast and portable with natural syntax for resource-restricted devices
basic monadic maybe type for Nim
A Nim wrapper for ttmath: big numbers with fixed size
various vector maths utils for nimrod
Utility macros for easier handling of options in Nim
Concise Binary Object Representation decoder (RFC7049).
Nim module for better URI handling
Nim implementation of the geohash latitude/longitude geocode system
Bindings and a high-level interface for MongoDB
Module for working with paths that is as similar as possible to Python's pathlib
Modules providing information about the OS.
Temporary package to fix broken code in 0.11.2 stable.
Determine if a useragent can access a URL using robots.txt
Nim implementation of the Bittorrent ascii serialization protocol
Exploration of various implementations of memory range types
github api
Friendly, exception-free value-or-error returns, similar to Option[T]
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.
Provides a small command line parsing DSL (domain specific language)
Porting some Python / Kotlin features to Nim
Pack rects into bigger rect
Nim module for generating URL identifiers for Tiny URL and bit.ly-like URLs
Provides a macro to curry function
Grafana module for Nim
Luhn's Algorithm implementation in Nim
osu! replay parser
OpenCV wrapper
A Nim wrapper for Python's matplotlib
A collection of reusable modules and wrappers.
Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
A module for generating lexer/parser.
Flexible JSON serialization not relying on run-time type information
Nim wrapper for the FMOD Low Level C API
A D3.js wrapper for Nim
Simple implementation of string slices with some of the strutils ported or wrapped to work on them. String slices offer a performance enhancement when working with large amounts of slices from one base string
Nim port of Python's grp module for working with the UNIX group database file
A Smalltalk and Rebol inspired language implemented as an AST interpreter
faker is a Nim package that generates fake data for you.
Wrapper for OpenSSL's EVP interface
gyaric is a module to encode/decode text to unreadable gyaru's text.
A wrapper to notification libraries
Python-like 'struct' for Nim
A FUSE binding for Nim
HTTP Authentication and Authorization
Dimensionful types and dimensional analysis.
Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Nim Language.
DataFrame API enabling fast out-of-core data analytics
Nim bindings for libshout
A Nim mini DSL to execute shell commands
Nim port of Python's spwd module for working with the UNIX shadow password file
Argument parser
Nearly zero-overhead input/output streams for Nim
Deal with Windows Registry from Nim.
A brainfuck interpreter and compiler
Statically-typed quantity units.
miniupnpc and libnatpmp wrapper
Cover Art Archive API wrapper
envconfig provides a function to get config objects from environment variables.
A wrapper for NCurses
Cross-platform GUI framework
RESTful URI router
Gravatar API wrapper
A wrapper for Facebook's RocksDB, an embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage
Additional control structures
Nico game engine
Binding to portaudio
Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael Algorithm
Graphics module for Nim.
Operators, commands and functions more c-like, plus a few other utilities
HQ Trivia API wrapper for Nim
Unix process&system query&formatting library&multi-command CLI in Nim
Nim implementation of Barreto-Lynn-Scott (BLS) curve BLS12-381.
Wrapper for microsoft's DirectX libraries
A Rustbox-inspired termbox wrapper
Library for async programming and communication. This Library uses a future/promise, non-blocking I/O model based on libuv.
nim wrapper around the AntTweakBar c library
A utility library to find the directory you need to app in.
MathExpr - pure-Nim mathematical expression evaluator library
wrapper for kexpr math expression evaluation library
A library for scientific computations in pure Nim
A simple library to generate random data, using the system's PRNG.
String interning library
Spurdification library and CLI
Nim library for shared types
Figma based UI library for nim, with HTML and OpenGL backends.
Serial library for Windows.
Cross-platform process daemonization library
Tiny pure Nim library to read PCAP files used by TcpDump/WinDump/Wireshark.
Helper library for writing Wox plugins in Nim
The image management library written in Nim.
Binding for Intel Storage Acceleration library
Game Library in Nim with SDL2
A simple timing library for benchmarking code and other things.
Wrapper for the FreeImage library
Base32 library for Nim
A small library for writing cli programs in Nim.
Wrapper for the C[++] library BearLibTerminal
One Time Password library for Nim
Linux Seccomp sandbox library
Wrapper for ENet UDP networking library
Library for shell scripting in nim
A Nim library to create and manage temporary directories.
PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) string matching library for Nim
a general ast pattern matching library with a focus on correctness and good error messages
Timezone library compatible with the standard library.
Pure library for matching file paths against Unix style glob patterns.
Nim wrapper for the C NanoVG antialiased vector graphics rendering library for OpenGL
Library for detecting the format of an image
Unified db access module, providing a single library module to access the db_sqlite, db_mysql and db_postgres modules.
Flexible JSON manshal/unmarshal library for nim
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
Bindings for libusb, the cross-platform user library to access USB devices.
wrapper for the notmuch mail library
Password generation library in Nim
Nim library to bundle dependency files into executable
Basic Option[T] library
library for scraping google search results
A library for straightforward diff calculation
.NET-inspired lightweight terminal library
Wrapper for cairo, a vector graphics library with display and print output
IMAP client library
Simple Role-based Access Control Library
A parser combinator library for easy generation of complex parsers
Library for detecting the format of an video file
Financial Library for Nim
a nim library for drawing 2d shapes, text, and images to 32bit software pixel buffers
A SIMD-accelerated vector library written in C99 with Nim bindings.
A library for factorization machines in Nim.
Library for exposing metrics to Prometheus
Nim cryptographic library
Bindings to BearSSL library
Library for displaying notifications on the desktop
A library to retrieve the list of commonly used licenses from the SPDX License List.
Nim math library for sequences and nested sequences (extends math library)
Nim barcode library
FastCGI library for Nim
A tensor (multidimensional array) library for Nim
MPD client library
A wrapper for the zip library
psutil is a cross-platform library for retrieving information on running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network). Since 2018 maintained by Juan Carlos because was abandoned.
This library makes your code run as a daemon process on Unix-like systems
encoded kmer library for fast operations on kmers up to 31
Code coverage CLI + library for Nim using LCOV
A high-performance ini parse library for nim.
Nim Library for sequence (protein/nucleotide) bioinformatics
Library for interacting with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
High-level wrapper for Linux's kmod library
Genetic Algorithm Library for Nim.
Nim wrapper for the osdialog library
XXTEA encryption algorithm library written in pure Nim.
Library for splitting a string into shell words
Simple WebSocket library for nim.
A game library
Wrapper for libevdev, Linux input device processing library
Nim wrapper of the tree-sitter incremental parsing library
Lua convenience library for nim
A deprecated library for handling Ethereum private keys and wallets (now part of the 'eth' package)
A library that implements the note.txt specification for note taking.
Library for reading GEMF map tile stores
Deprecated RLP serialization library for Nim (now part of the 'eth' module)
POP3 client library
A library providing zero-cost chaining for functional abstractions in Nim
Lexer Generator and Parser Generator as a library in Nim.
Port of c++ glm library with shader-like syntax
Nim binding for KissFFT Fast Fourier Transform library
Code coverage library
Cross-platform sound mixer library
Neverwinter Nights 1 data accessor library
.NET-inspired lightweight clipboard library
A simple library for paging, similar to less
Library for finding the differences between two sequences
Library for querying HTML using CSS-selectors, like JavaScripts document.querySelector
A library to provide abstract access to various archives.
Pari/GP C library wrapper
Bindings for the Music Player Daemon C client library
Libravatar library for Nim, Gravatar alternative. Libravatar is an open source free federated avatar api & service.
A library to operate serial ports using pure Nim.
MaxMind GeoIP library
Wrapper for CLBlast, an OpenCL BLAS library
Intel hex file utility library
Image manipulation library
Simple vector library for nim-lang.
A library for colorizing paths according to LS_COLORS
Wrapper for the assimp library
A pattern matching library
A Nim scheduler library that lets you kick off jobs at regular intervals.
Native MQTT client library
A curses inspired simple cross-platform console library for Nim
Nim Matrix library
A library for cleanly creating an object or tuple based on another object or tuple
Signal and Slot library for Nim.
Extensible bit vector integer encoding library
Simple DNS Client & Library
A library for rendering text with paranim
A simple string templating library for Nim.
Bindings for the C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
A Nim query builder library inspired by Laravel/PHP and Orator/Python