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Websockets wrapper for nim js backend.
Nim library for implementing JSON-RPC clients and servers
Convert CSV files to JSON
nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.
API for Web Audio (JS)
AJAX wrapper for nim js backend.
Experimental wrapper to webgl for Nim
Easy and fast generator for valid json in nim
A set of simple modules for writing a JavaScript 2D game.
Flexible JSON serialization not relying on run-time type information
cjson wrapper for Nim
packedjson is an alternative Nim implementation for JSON. The JSON is essentially kept as a single string in order to save memory over a more traditional tree representation.
JSON schema validation and creation.
wrapper for the Duktape embeddable Javascript engine
Jsmn - a world fastest JSON parser - in pure Nim
JSON / Object mapper
Utils to work with javascript
json de/serializer for tuples and more
JS {de,}serialization as it says on the tin
Define bindings to JavaScript and Emscripten
Convert Helix Version Control / Perforce (p4) -ztag output to JSON
React.js bindings for Nim
Simple linear algebra for nim. Js too.
A QuickJS wrapper for Nim