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Websockets wrapper for nim js backend.
Experimental wrapper to webgl for Nim
Utils to work with javascript
A set of simple modules for writing a JavaScript 2D game.
A Nim wrapper for the Canvas API
nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.
React.js bindings for Nim
Turn TSV file or stream into JSON file or stream
Jsmn - a world fastest JSON parser - in pure Nim
packedjson is an alternative Nim implementation for JSON. The JSON is essentially kept as a single string in order to save memory over a more traditional tree representation.
JSON / Object mapper
Simple linear algebra for nim. Js too.
Nim library for implementing JSON-RPC clients and servers
JS {de,}serialization as it says on the tin
Figma based UI library for nim, with HTML and OpenGL backends.
Convert Helix Version Control / Perforce (p4) -ztag output to JSON
Flexible JSON serialization not relying on run-time type information
React.js 16.x bindings for Nim
API for Web Audio (JS)
A QuickJS wrapper for Nim
Convert CSV files to JSON
Easy and fast generator for valid json in nim
Define bindings to JavaScript and Emscripten
cjson wrapper for Nim
json de/serializer for tuples and more
wrapper for the Duktape embeddable Javascript engine
JSON schema validation and creation.
AJAX wrapper for nim js backend.