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An efficient HTTP tool suite written in pure nim. Help you to write HTTP services or clients via TCP, UDP, or even Unix Domain socket, etc.
A performant and scalable HTTP server.
Common utilities for implementing HTTP servers
HTTP Authentication and Authorization
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
Bindings for picohttpparser.
A tiny static file web server.
Wrapper for high performance HTTP parsing library.
Http request form parser
Record and replay your HTTP sessions!
A little lib for generating URL with args.
Nim wrapper for libcurl.
A sinatra-like web framework for Nim.
Library for async programming and communication. This Library uses a future/promise, non-blocking I/O model based on libuv.
Asynchronous networking engine for Nim
mofuw is *MO*re *F*aster, *U*ltra *W*ebserver
Whip is high performance web application server based on httpbeast a nest for redix tree based routing with some extra opmtizations.
websockets for nim