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Nim wrapper for HTML language support within tree-sitter
View the offline or online html page in browser
HTML & CSS Minify Lib & App based on Regexes & parallel MultiReplaces
HTML5 Tools for Nim, all Templates, No CSS, No Libs, No JS Framework
Library for querying HTML using CSS-selectors, like JavaScripts document.querySelector
Simple reST HTML generation with some extras.
macro-based HTML templating engine
Self-contained markdown compiler generating self-contained HTML documents
A Beautiful Markdown Parser in the Nim World.
Simple package for query HTML/XML elements using a CSS3 or jQuery-like selector syntax
Static website generation
HTML5 Canvas and drawing for the JavaScript backend.
A simple string templating library for Nim.
Compiles jade templates to Nim procedures.
Mustache templating for Nim.
experiment to build a jinja like template parser
Wrapper for the markdown rendering hoedown library
Pure Nim XML parser
Template generator for gester
Nim module that converts Markdown text to HTML using only regular expressions. Based on jbroadway's Slimdown.