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NiGui is a cross-platform, desktop GUI toolkit using native widgets.
A modular GUI toolkit for rapid
A simple GUI front for Nimble.
bindings to cimgui - https://github.com/cimgui/cimgui
Nim's Windows GUI Framework.
The Nim GUI asynchronous framework based on SDL2.
Cross-platform GUI framework
Nim GUI Automation Linux, simulate user interaction, mouse and keyboard.
Write GUI automation scripts with Nim
Implements framework-agnostic native operating system dialogs calls
KDialog Qt5 Wrapper, easy API, KISS design
Chart plugin for wNim.
UI building with Gnome's Glade
IUP FFI bindings
Nim bindings for https://github.com/zserge/webview, a cross platform single header webview library
TinyFileDialogs for Nim.
wraps GTK+ or Windows' open file dialogs
The Fast-Light Tool Kit
Grid plugin for wNim.
Low level bindings for GTK3 related libraries
nim wrapper around the AntTweakBar c library
Nim bindings for Clutter toolkit.
High level GObject-Introspection based GTK3 bindings
Nim wrapper for PDCurses
Wrapper for gtk2, a feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
A Rustbox-inspired termbox wrapper
Library for displaying notifications on the desktop
a skeleton/structure for a variation on the mvc pattern, similar to dci. For command line and gui programs. it's a middle ground between rapid application development and handling software complexity.