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Graphics module for Nim.
Wrapper for librsvg, a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering library
A Nim wrapper for Python's matplotlib
a nim library for drawing 2d shapes, text, and images to 32bit software pixel buffers
Nim Wrapper for LibGD 2.x
A wrapper for NCurses
Image manipulation library
A wrapper for stb_image and stb_image_write.
SDL 1.2 wrapper for Nim.
A set of simple modules for writing a JavaScript 2D game.
Wrapper for Allegro version 5.X
BGFX wrapper for the nim programming language.
Flippy is a simple 2d image and drawing library.
A Nim wrapper for the Canvas API
PNG(Portable Network Graphics) encoder and decoder
Blitz3D-esque DX9 engine for Nim
Wrapper for microsoft's DirectX libraries
BMP encoder and decoder
Hi Fidelity Rendering Engine
eaiser use of OpenGL and GLSL shaders
Wrapper for the DevIL image library
A game engine for rapid development and easy prototyping
Wrapper for Horde3D, a small open source 3D rendering engine.
lib for ppm image
HTML5 Canvas and drawing for the JavaScript backend.
Wrapper around the Linux framebuffer driver ioctl API
Drawing in terminal with Unicode Braille characters.
Collection of math routines for 2d and 3d graphics.
Bindings for OpenGL ES, the embedded 3D graphics library.
A wrapper for NanoVG vector graphics rendering
Wrapper for cairo, a vector graphics library with display and print output