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The Nim GUI asynchronous framework based on SDL2.
A sinatra-like web framework for Nim.
Nim wrapper for the Chromium Embedded Framework
A RPC framework for building web APIs
The Nim framework for VK API.
A web framework inspired by ExpressJS 🐇⚡
A Mini Server Framework for Nim language
zfcore is high performance asynchttpserver and web framework for nim lang
Game framework, modular and extensible
The Nim asynchronous web framework.
mofuw is *MO*re *F*aster, *U*ltra *W*ebserver
The Nim wrapper for tracemoe.
Boilerplate generator for Jester web framework
Statistic-driven microbenchmark framework
System libraries for the Genode Operating System Framework
Cross-platform GUI framework
Nim framework for VK
implements the cucumber BDD framework in the nim language
A modern and extensible serialization framework for Nim
A simple PubSub framework using STOMP.
Handler framework for the Mongrel2 web server.
HTML5 Tools for Nim, all Templates, No CSS, No Libs, No JS Framework
a simple test framework for nim.
Integrator framework for Molecular Dynamic evolutions
A tiny framework & language for crafting massively parallel data pipelines
Karax is a framework for developing single page applications in Nim.