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A collection of Ethereum related libraries
Ethereum Web3 API
An Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices
Definitions of various data structures used in the Ethereum eco-system
Deprecated implementation of the Ethereum suite of P2P protocols (now part of the 'eth' package)
A wrapper for the The Ethereum EVM JIT library
A Nim implementation of Ethash, the ethereum proof-of-work hashing function
libp2p implementation in Nim
A deprecated reimplementation in pure Nim of eth-keys, the common API for Ethereum key operations (now part of the 'eth' package).
Merkle Patricia Tries as specified by Ethereum (deprecated, now part of the 'eth' package)
Ethereum bloom filter (deprecated, now part of the 'eth' package)
A deprecated library for handling Ethereum private keys and wallets (now part of the 'eth' package)