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Ethereum Web3 API
Deprecated implementation of the Ethereum suite of P2P protocols (now part of the 'eth' package)
A collection of Ethereum related libraries
Definitions of various data structures used in the Ethereum eco-system
A wrapper for the The Ethereum EVMC library
An Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices
A Nim implementation of Ethash, the ethereum proof-of-work hashing function
libp2p implementation in Nim
A deprecated library for handling Ethereum private keys and wallets (now part of the 'eth' package)
Merkle Patricia Tries as specified by Ethereum (deprecated, now part of the 'eth' package)
A deprecated reimplementation in pure Nim of eth-keys, the common API for Ethereum key operations (now part of the 'eth' package).
Ethereum bloom filter (deprecated, now part of the 'eth' package)