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Calibre Database Lib for Nim
Postgres Database ORM for Nim
small/tiny, flatfile, jsonl based, inprogress database for nim
Binding for Qt 5's Qt SQL library that integrates with the features of the Nim language. Uses one API for multiple database engines.
Database schema migration library for Nim language.
A simple database migration utility for Nim.
Nim ORM.
A wrapper for Facebook's RocksDB, an embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage
A thin SQLite wrapper with proper type safety
MongoDB driver in pure Nim language with synchronous and asynchronous I/O support
Prepared SQL statement generator. A lightweight ORM.
Bindings to Cassandra DB driver
OrientDB driver written in pure Nim, uses the OrientDB 2.0 Binary Protocol with Binary Serialization.
A db_sqlite fork with a proper typing
Bindings and a high-level interface for MongoDB
Nim wrapper of the Sophia key/value store
Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Nim Language.
Unified db access module, providing a single library module to access the db_sqlite, db_mysql and db_postgres modules.
prestodb simple connector
extension modules for Nim's 'db_*' modules
Pudge Db - it's modern key/value storage with memcached protocol support. Pudge Db implements a high-level cross-platform sockets interface to sophia db.
A lightweight, self-contained, RESTful, searchable, multi-format NoSQL document store
ClickHouse Nim interface
Unicode Character Database (UCD) access for Nim
Nim port of Python's grp module for working with the UNIX group database file
A wrapper for LMDB the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database