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Nim cryptographic library
ed25519 key crypto bindings
A nim wrapper for the Argon2 hashing library
XXTEA encryption algorithm library written in pure Nim.
Secure Hash Algorithm - 2, [224, 256, 384, and 512 bits]
SPHINCSâș stateless hash-based signature scheme
Wrapper for OpenSSL's EVP interface
3DES native library for Nim
GnuTLS wrapper
Binding for Intel Storage Acceleration library
Binding and utilities for scrypt
libgcrypt wrapper
A simple wrapper providing a convenient reentrant interface for the bcrypt password hashing algorithm.
Hashing/Digest collection in pure Nim
High-level libsodium bindings
Wraps the bcrypt (blowfish) library for creating encrypted hashes (useful for passwords)
JSON Web Tokens for Nim
Bindings to BearSSL library
Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael Algorithm
libsodium wrapper
Simple method of obtaining secure random numbers from the OS
monocypher wrapper for Nim
RC4 library implementation
sha3 - cryptographic hash function
ISAAC PRNG implementation on Nim
Tor helper library
Large number of cryptographic hashes for Nim
blake2 - cryptographic hash function