44 packages found

A simple, stateless StatsD client library
Redis client for Nim
MPD client library
CircleCI API client
etcd client library
Async Telegram Bot API Client
official redis client for Nim
Bindings for the Music Player Daemon C client library
client for sonic search backend
Simple DNS Client & Library
WebDAV Client for Nim
Kinto Client for Nim
wit.ai client
Nim wrapper for the GitHub API
MongoDb pooled driver
github api
RethinkDB driver for Nim
Nim library for implementing JSON-RPC clients and servers
websockets for nim
HQ Trivia API wrapper for Nim
Nim wrapper for libssh2
An Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices
Nim metrics client library supporting the Prometheus monitoring toolkit
Series de Tiempo de Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
OpenStreetMap Elevation API MultiSync Client for Nim
i3 IPC client library
Steam API Client for Nim
Servicio Meteorologico Nacional Argentina API Client
USIG Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Unsplash API Client for Nim
USA Code.Gov MultiSync API Client for Nim
OpenExchangeRates API Client for Nim. Works with/without SSL. Partially works with/without Free API Key.
Native MQTT client library
A beanstalkd work queue client library.
A client for the Pwned passwords API.
POP3 client library
Central Bank of Argentina Gov API Client with debtor corporations info
Client library for the Postmates API
itch.io API Client for Nim
A client for the Google Cloud Text to Speech API.
GeoRef Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Asynchronous docker client written by Nim-lang
IMAP client library
Socks5 client and server library