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making Nim development easier in the command-line
A library to create interactive commandline menus without writing boilerplate code.
Unix process&system query&formatting library&multi-command CLI in Nim
A URL shortener cli app. using bit.ly
A library to hide data in images. Usable as library or cli tool.
A small library for writing cli programs in Nim.
A command lined based text editor
Show start/end datetime and duration of a command-line process using pipe.
A simple, stateless StatsD client library
A command and library to generate mazes
A post-modern, "multi-dimensional" configurable ls/file lister
.NET-inspired lightweight clipboard library
faker is a Nim package that generates fake data for you.
gyaric is a module to encode/decode text to unreadable gyaru's text.
WebDAV Client for Nim
View nim packages in your browser.
Nim wrapper for libclipboard
Bindings for the Music Player Daemon C client library
An implementation of cat in Nim
A command that to read novel on terminal
Password generator in Nim
unicode symbols
CircleCI API client
ClickHouse Nim interface
Simple command line tool to make git more intuitive, along with useful GitHub addons.
Redis client for Nim
terminal ascii tables for nim
Easy way to 'Mock' C++ interface
etcd client library
A command to encode / decode text with your dictionary
Infer & generate command-line interace/option/argument parsers
Euclidean Division & Euclidean Modulo
rect is a command to crop/paste rectangle text.
Executable for finding information about programs in PATH
A simple task runner. Run tasks and watch file changes with custom paths.
Text editor to speed up testing code snippets
Simple DNS Client & Library
256 colors for shell
Read metadata from jpeg and tiff images.
MPD client library
WIP strongly-typed argument parser with sub command support
nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.
Keyboard typing emulator
Spurdification library and CLI
Simple screenshot library & cli tool made in Nim
Code coverage CLI + library for Nim using LCOV