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Binary parser (and writer) in pure Nim. Generates efficient parsing procedures that handle many commonly seen patterns seen in binary files and does sub-byte field reading.
Access bit mapped portions of bytes in binary data as int variables
Define enums which values preserve their binary representation upon inserting or reordering
Concise Binary Object Representation decoder (RFC7049).
Static blog generator ala Jekyll.
A mod manager for TF2
Utility that helps with big files in git, very similar to git-fat, s3annnex etc.
Duplicate files finder
wrapper around libplist https://github.com/libimobiledevice/libplist
Tool for providing auto completion data for Nim source code.
A client for the Pwned passwords API.
A brainfuck interpreter and compiler
pas2nim is a tool to translate Pascal code to Nim.
A native-nim implementaton of the sBOX generic container format.
A Nim IDE.
A website management tool. Run the file and access your webpage.
tool to generate installers for Nim programs
most quick REPL of nim
Nimble package manager
c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim.
Simple binary heap implementation
OrientDB driver written in pure Nim, uses the OrientDB 2.0 Binary Protocol with Binary Serialization.
Nim Hessian Serialization Library encodes/decodes data into the Hessian binary protocol