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Binary parser (and writer) in pure Nim. Generates efficient parsing procedures that handle many commonly seen patterns seen in binary files and does sub-byte field reading.
Concise Binary Object Representation decoder (RFC7049).
Binary <-> text conversion.
Define enums which values preserve their binary representation upon inserting or reordering
Access bit mapped portions of bytes in binary data as int variables
Simple binary heap implementation
A post-modern, "multi-dimensional" configurable ls/file lister
pas2nim is a tool to translate Pascal code to Nim.
tool to generate installers for Nim programs
A Nim IDE.
c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim.
lolcat implementation in Nim
Static blog generator ala Jekyll.
A simple cross language struct and enum file generator.
Duplicate files finder
A native-nim implementaton of the sBOX generic container format.
most quick REPL of nim
Nimble package manager
A client for the Pwned passwords API.
🍕🍺 emoji support for Nim 👑 and the world 🌍
A brainfuck interpreter and compiler
Unix process&system query&formatting library&multi-command CLI in Nim
Tool for providing auto completion data for Nim source code.
wrapper around libplist https://github.com/libimobiledevice/libplist
Utility that helps with big files in git, very similar to git-fat, s3annnex etc.
A website management tool. Run the file and access your webpage.
A mod manager for TF2
OrientDB driver written in pure Nim, uses the OrientDB 2.0 Binary Protocol with Binary Serialization.
Nim Hessian Serialization Library encodes/decodes data into the Hessian binary protocol
BSON Binary JSON Serialization