22 packages found

API for Web Audio (JS)
Binding to portaudio
Shiny bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library wrapper
Lightweight audio mixer for SDL2
Lightweight audio mixer for games
A high-level libao wrapper
Library for detecting the format of a sound file
Bindings for libsoundio
Bass wrapper for Nim
Binding to libogg
A game engine for rapid development and easy prototyping
Wrapper of the SDL 2 library for the Nim language.
Nim bindings for libshout
Wrapper for SDL 2.x
Nim wrapper for the FMOD Low Level C API
Bindings for SunVox modular synthesizer
Wrapper for Allegro version 5.X
Binding to libvorbis
Develop SuperCollider UGens in Nim
A wrapper of libsndfile
Wrapper of the AVbin library for the Nim language.