24 packages found

API for Web Audio (JS)
Binding to portaudio
Lightweight audio mixer for games
Shiny bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library wrapper
Lightweight audio mixer for SDL2
Nim bindings for libshout
Wrapper of the SDL 2 library for the Nim language.
Wrapper for Allegro version 5.X
Wrapper of the AVbin library for the Nim language.
Bindings for libsoundio
libvlc bindings for Nim
Binding to libvorbis
Library for detecting the format of a sound file
A game engine for rapid development and easy prototyping
Nim wrapper for the FMOD Low Level C API
Bass wrapper for Nim
A high-level libao wrapper
Bindings for SunVox modular synthesizer
Develop SuperCollider UGens in Nim
OpenAL Utility Toolkit (ALUT)
Wrapper for SDL 2.x
A wrapper of libsndfile
Binding to libogg