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High level, asynchronous file API mimicking Python's file interface.
Various asynchronous tools for Nim
Asynchronous docker client written by Nim-lang
Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Nim Language.
Asynchronous MySQL connector written in pure Nim
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
Library for async programming and communication. This Library uses a future/promise, non-blocking I/O model based on libuv.
Async Telegram Bot API Client
Unsplash API Client for Nim
USIG Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Open Source Routing Machine for OpenStreetMap API Lib and App
websockets for nim
An efficient library for asynchronous programming
Generic Configurable Telegram Bot for Nim, with builtin basic functionality and Plugins
itch.io API Client for Nim
An efficient HTTP tool suite written in pure nim. Help you to write HTTP services or clients via TCP, UDP, or even Unix Domain socket, etc.
Series de Tiempo de Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
OpenStreetMap API Lib for Nim
Asynchronous event loop for progaming with MVC
OpenStreetMap Nominatim API Lib for Nim
Steam API Client for Nim
GeoRef Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Asynchronous networking engine for Nim
OpenStreetMap Overpass API Lib
Last.FM API breakouts (documentation: http://ryuk.ooo/nimdocs/lastfm/lastfm.html)
OpenStreetMap Elevation API MultiSync Client for Nim
Logging library with support for async IO, multithreading, Journald.
Very simple PostgreSQL async api for nim.