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A utility library to find the directory you need to app in.
Opt parser using synopsis as specification, ported from Lua.
A Nim IDE.
A brainfuck interpreter and compiler
pas2nim is a tool to translate Pascal code to Nim.
A Nim-based, non-graphical application designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from its activation to deactivation, includes total elapsed time, lap, and split times.
A mod manager for TF2
Utility that helps with big files in git, very similar to git-fat, s3annnex etc.
tool to generate installers for Nim programs
fast interval overlaps
Tool for providing auto completion data for Nim source code.
Nimble package manager
Nim implementation of Snappy compression algorithm
Static blog generator ala Jekyll.
Wrapper for the Snappy-C compression library
c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim.
Nim wrapper for the snappy compression library. there is also a high-level API for easy use
Duplicate files finder
Open Source Routing Machine for OpenStreetMap API Lib and App
Firejail wrapper for Nim, Isolate your Production App before its too late!
Library for working with a slack app or sending messages to a slack channel (slack.com)
HTML & CSS Minify Lib & App based on Regexes & parallel MultiReplaces