65 packages found

A wrapper for the vk.com API (russian social network)
Nim wrapper for the GitHub API
Old Win API library for Nim
OpenAPI Code Generator
Async Telegram Bot API Client
HQ Trivia API wrapper for Nim
Last.FM API breakouts (documentation: http://ryuk.ooo/nimdocs/lastfm/lastfm.html)
Nim's Windows API and COM Library
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) APIs
A client for the Google Cloud Text to Speech API.
A game engine for rapid development and easy prototyping
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services (MAC) APIs
A Nim library to access the Binance API.
A GiantBomb-wiki wrapper for nim
module for creating and reading QR codes using http://goqr.me/
A RPC framework for building web APIs
Text string translation from free online crowdsourced API. Tinyslation a tiny translation.
Nim wrapper around the git version control software
Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs
Library for working with a slack app or sending messages to a slack channel (slack.com)
RESTful URI router
OpenExchangeRates API Client for Nim. Works with/without SSL. Partially works with/without Free API Key.
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
USIG Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Nim wrapper for the LZ4 library. There is also a high-level API for easy use
DataFrame API enabling fast out-of-core data analytics
KDialog Qt5 Wrapper, easy API, KISS design
OpenStreetMap Elevation API MultiSync Client for Nim
itch.io API Client for Nim
Wrapper around the Linux framebuffer driver ioctl API
NOAA weather API wrapper
Open Source Routing Machine for OpenStreetMap API Lib and App
Steam API Client for Nim
A Nim wrapper for the Spotify Web API
GeoNames API wrapper
API for Web Audio (JS)
CircleCI API client
OpenStreetMap Overpass API Lib
Low-level twitter API wrapper library for Nim.
OpenStreetMap Nominatim API Lib for Nim
OpenStreetMap API Lib for Nim
High level, asynchronous file API mimicking Python's file interface.
bindings to bgfx c99 api
Unsplash API Client for Nim
Libravatar library for Nim, Gravatar alternative. Libravatar is an open source free federated avatar api & service.
Client library for the Postmates API
GeoRef Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
KWin JavaScript API wrapper
Ethereum Web3 API
Yahoo! Weather API wrapper
A simple library for Google Maps Geocoding API
Cover Art Archive API wrapper
Very simple PostgreSQL async api for nim.
Pastebin API wrapper
Series de Tiempo de Argentina Government MultiSync API Client for Nim
Native Nim Zend API glue for easy PHP extension development.
Nim wrapper for the FMOD Low Level C API
Nim wrapper for the snappy compression library. there is also a high-level API for easy use
Binding for Qt 5's Qt SQL library that integrates with the features of the Nim language. Uses one API for multiple database engines.
A Nim wrapper for the Canvas API
tools for handling CSV files (comma or tab-separated) with an API similar to Python's CSVDictReader and -Writer.
Gravatar API wrapper
USA Code.Gov MultiSync API Client for Nim
OpenWeatherMap API Lib for Nim, Free world wide Creative Commons & Open Data Licensed Weather data
A deprecated reimplementation in pure Nim of eth-keys, the common API for Ethereum key operations (now part of the 'eth' package).