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Nim wrapper for C language support within tree-sitter
Helpers for supporting and simplifying import of symbols from C into Nim
Bit Shuffling Block Compressor (C-Blosc)
High level wrapper for build nginx module w/ nginx-c-function
A simple decimal library
Lightweight Contract Programming, Design by Contract, on 9 LoC, NimScript, JavaScript, compile-time.
Secure multi-party computation
Event Based Programming for Nim.
Code coverage library
Hackathon Web Scratchpad for teaching Nim on events using Wifi with limited or no Internet
a skeleton/structure for a variation on the mvc pattern, similar to dci. For command line and gui programs. it's a middle ground between rapid application development and handling software complexity.
A cache library.
HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-MD5 hashing in Nim
Nim wrapper for C# language support within tree-sitter
A simple, stateless StatsD client library
RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim
i3 IPC client library
A wrapper for Facebook's RocksDB, an embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage
Convert between RGB, YIQ, HLS, and HSV color systems.
String algorithms with succinct data structures
Bindings for the Oculus VR SDK.
Self-contained markdown compiler generating self-contained HTML documents
Wrapper for DigitalOcean HTTP API.
Pure Nim stack implementation based on sequences.
Graphics module for Nim.
Bindings for the Music Player Daemon C client library
Nanosecond-percision time using timespec_get
Library for parsing, stringifying, reading, and writing CSV (comma separated value) files
A QuickJS wrapper for Nim
Linux Seccomp sandbox library
IPC interface to sway (or i3) compositors
The ex-stdlib module complex.
Manage CSV files
.NET-inspired lightweight clipboard library
A tool that watches Python files and re-runs them on change.
Nim wrapper for Javascript language support within tree-sitter
c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim.
A Nim wrapper for TheBlueAlliance
Nimterop makes C/C++ interop within Nim seamless
Bindings for CFITSIO, a library to read/write FITSIO images and tables.
Implementation of Luhn algorithm in nim.
List comprehension, for creating sequences.
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.
Shiny bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
ClickHouse Nim interface
wrapper for libclang (the C-interface of the clang LLVM frontend)
reCAPTCHA support for Nim, supporting rendering a capctcha and verifying a user's response.
A post-modern, "multi-dimensional" configurable ls/file lister
Integrate nim projects in the C++Builder build process
The SHIORI Message charset convert utility
vectored io for nim
Command-line args parser based on Usage message
client for sonic search backend
CMake for Nimble
Python-like 'struct' for Nim
A library to create interactive commandline menus without writing boilerplate code.
pure Ini configurations parser
funchook wrapper
Easy way to 'Mock' C++ interface
libmagic for nim
RFC3339 (dates and times) implementation for Nim.
Bindings for picohttpparser.
A thin asynchronous HTTP server library, API compatible with Nim's built-in asynchttpserver.
Nim wrapper for libcurl.
A brainfuck interpreter and compiler
Various collections and utilities
Mathematical numerical named static constants useful for different disciplines
Binding and utilities for scrypt
C Tox core wrapper
Decision tree and Random forest CART implementation in Nim
Calibre Database Lib for Nim
library for scraping google search results
Console ascii line charts in pure nim
Bindings to Cassandra DB driver
nice way of handling render code
Nim wrapper for libclipboard
A library to retrieve the list of commonly used licenses from the SPDX License List.
Design by Contract (DbC) library with minimal runtime.
Bindings for the C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
Master Password command line utility
An efficient library for asynchronous programming
Gif Encoder
Nim bindings for Clutter toolkit.
Currying library for Nim
terminal ascii tables for nim
`Section` macro with BDD aliases for testing
making Nim development easier in the command-line
Cover Art Archive API wrapper
Record and replay your HTTP sessions!
Wrapper of the libtcod library for the Nim language.
libarchive wrapper for Nim
envconfig provides a function to get config objects from environment variables.
Simple implementation of string slices with some of the strutils ported or wrapped to work on them. String slices offer a performance enhancement when working with large amounts of slices from one base string
Random curated Fonts and pastel Colors for your UI/UX design, design for non-designers.
Protocol Buffers compiler support package for nimpb
Nim wrapper for libbacktrace
A sugary for loop with syntax for typechecking loop variables
A simple library for localizing Nim applications.
A nil coalescing operator ?? for Nim
Deprecated module for vector/matrices operations.
implements the cucumber BDD framework in the nim language
FastCGI library for Nim
Bencode serialization/deserialization library
Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Nim Language.
Wrapper for microsoft's DirectX libraries
A website management tool. Run the file and access your webpage.
Array/Sequence/Object destructuring/unpacking macro
A high performance Nim implementation of BitVector with base SomeUnsignedInt(i.e: uint8-64) with support for slices, and seq supported operations
Swift-like unicode string handling
CUDA bindings
Nim wrapper for C++ language support within tree-sitter
A simple interactive calculator
tools for handling CSV files (comma or tab-separated) with an API similar to Python's CSVDictReader and -Writer.
RC4 library implementation
A Nim wrapper for the Canvas API
Implements a simple IRC client.
Permuted Congruential Generator (PCG) Random Number Generation (RNG) for Nim.
Game framework, modular and extensible
CircleCI API client
Wrapper for the TCL programming language
HTML5 Canvas and drawing for the JavaScript backend.
Lightweight audio mixer for SDL2
.NET-inspired lightweight terminal library
Chebyshev approximation.
Simple DNS Client & Library
Allows statistics to be sent to and recorded in Google Analytics.
Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM)
A very simple vector library
WebDAV Client for Nim
A tensor (multidimensional array) library for Nim
Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing for Nim
Nico game engine
Low level wrapper for the fontconfig library.
A web DSL for Nim
Redis client for Nim
Provides a small command line parsing DSL (domain specific language)
A library for scientific computations in pure Nim
Simple multidimensional vector math
Helper procs for SCGI applications
A crafty implementation of structured logging for Nim
A simple PubSub framework using STOMP.
Micro benchmarking tool to measure speed of code, with the goal of optimizing it.
QR Code Generator
A library for colorizing paths according to LS_COLORS
Discord library for Nim
A wrapper for NCurses
Simplified handling of command line options and config files
Extensible bit vector integer encoding library
Raw system calls for Nim
A package to get the MAC address of a local IP address
gyaric is a module to encode/decode text to unreadable gyaru's text.
Color and utilities library for linux terminal.
An implementation of cat in Nim
Unicode Character Database (UCD) access for Nim
Get information about colors and convert them in the command line
A bunch of macros. sugar if you would
better cookie handling
Converts a number into a specially formatted Unicode string
Static GLFW for nim
A nice and icy ZSH prompt in Nim
Nim barcode library
A client for the Google Cloud Text to Speech API.
Nim cryptographic library
A fast compressor for short strings
getch() for Windows and Unix
Nim wrapper for PDCurses
Wrapper for the fswatch library.
Provides a macro to curry function
A nim flavor of pytorch
Method & assignment cascades for Nim, inspired by Smalltalk & Dart.
Asynchronous event loop for progaming with MVC
A hacky helper lib for authoring Nim packages with package-level visiblity
CRC32, 2 proc, copied from RosettaCode.
Implementation of exponential backoff for nim
wrapper for the notmuch mail library
Kakoune plugin for color preview
Wrapper for the Snappy-C compression library
Cap'n Proto implementation for Nim
Definitions of various data structures used in the Ethereum eco-system
A simple library for Google Maps Geocoding API
Wrapper for libsvm.
An interface macro for Nim
Polynomial operations
Mustache templating for Nim.
module for creating and reading QR codes using http://goqr.me/
A SIMD-accelerated vector library written in C99 with Nim bindings.
Database schema migration library for Nim language.
A small program to make Nim shebang-able without the overhead of compiling each time
typeclasses for Nim
This module performs character tests.
Compiler package providing the compiler sources as a library.
Nim wrapper for CSS language support within tree-sitter
Code coverage CLI + library for Nim using LCOV
The Nim toolchain installer.
A simple docx reader.
Word2vec implemented in nim.
Library for displaying notifications on the desktop
OpenCV wrapper
Nim wrapper for Typescript language support within tree-sitter
A simple interface to a running Consul agent.
interactive command prompt
websockets for nim
Wraps the bcrypt (blowfish) library for creating encrypted hashes (useful for passwords)
monocypher wrapper for Nim
Userspace SCTP bindings
Nim wrapper for OCaml language support within tree-sitter
Tiny pure Nim library to read PCAP files used by TcpDump/WinDump/Wireshark.
Image transformation and visualization utilities for arraymancer
A Nim library to access the Binance API.
A MessagePack binding for Nim
Develop SuperCollider UGens in Nim
Wrapper-less C/C++ interop for Nim
Convert strings to any case
Asynchronous MySQL connector written in pure Nim
Bindings for Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (through CSFML)
Chart plugin for wNim.
RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim
packedjson is an alternative Nim implementation for JSON. The JSON is essentially kept as a single string in order to save memory over a more traditional tree representation.
A simple timing library for benchmarking code and other things.
Generates a GitHub documentation website for Nim projects.
ptrace wrapper for Nim
Go-like interfaces
Small demo Spry interpreters
A wrapper for the libsecp256k1 C library
Localization package for Nim.
Obsolete - please use oculus instead!
Low-level wrapper for OpenCL
Wrapper for CLBlast, an OpenCL BLAS library
Asynchronous networking engine for Nim
A collection of numerical methods written in Nim
A simple wrapper providing a convenient reentrant interface for the bcrypt password hashing algorithm.
Euclidean Division & Euclidean Modulo
proc to join (and leave) a multicast group
Additional control structures
Unix process&system query&formatting library&multi-command CLI in Nim
SPHINCSâș stateless hash-based signature scheme
Arch Linux Pacman Optimizer
DNS /etc/hosts file manager, Block 1 Million malicious domains with 1 command
Asynchronous docker client written by Nim-lang
Calendars, Timestamps and Timezones utilities.
Dynamically resizable data structure optimized for fast iteration.
This is an implementation of Clojures persistent vectors in Nim.
A Nim wrapper for the WooCommerce REST API
ISAAC PRNG implementation on Nim
MPD client library
Filesystem in userspace (FUSE) for Nim (for reactor.nim library)
JSON schema validation and creation.
Generated Nim's API docs in markdown for github's README.md files. Great for small libraries with simple APIs.
A wrapper for the keccak-tiny C library
Simple Role-based Access Control Library
Another MessagePack implementation written in pure nim
Circuit Design language made in Nim
HPACK (Header Compression for HTTP/2)
React.js bindings for Nim
a general ast pattern matching library with a focus on correctness and good error messages
This library is a wrapper to C GDBM library
A compact dictionary implementation
A module for generating lexer/parser.
Everything you want to do with colors.
etcd client library
`rm` files without fear
LAPACK bindings
Bindings for Chipmunk2D 6.x physics library
Obsolete - please use spacenav instead!
A Nim-based, non-graphical application designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from its activation to deactivation, includes total elapsed time, lap, and split times.
High level wrapper over OpenCL
various vector maths utils for nimrod
Simple vector library for nim-lang.
Nim implementation of Barreto-Lynn-Scott (BLS) curve BLS12-381.
Mustache in Nim
itch.io API Client for Nim
Nim metrics client library supporting the Prometheus monitoring toolkit
OpenExchangeRates API Client for Nim. Works with/without SSL. Partially works with/without Free API Key.
Nim wrapper for the Chromium Embedded Framework
Infer & generate command-line interace/option/argument parsers
Lightweight audio mixer for games
Various asynchronous tools for Nim
Operators, commands and functions more c-like, plus a few other utilities
A simple chunked external protocol interface for Splunk custom search commands.
A wrapper for the The Ethereum EVMC library
Bindings for libspnav, the free 3Dconnexion device driver
A Nim scheduler library that lets you kick off jobs at regular intervals.
Library for working with a slack app or sending messages to a slack channel (slack.com)
cjson wrapper for Nim
Websockets wrapper for nim js backend.
C2nim helper to simplify and automate wrapping C libraries
PCRE wrapper for Nim
Simple web to share books, Calibre, Jester, Spectre CSS, No JavaScript, WebP & ZIP to reduce bandwidth
Time travelling for Nim
Nim wrapper for Scala language support within tree-sitter
A parser combinator library for easy generation of complex parsers
An easy way to build homebrew files for the Nintendo Switch
React.js 16.x bindings for Nim
Show start/end datetime and duration of a command-line process using pipe.
Nim module for filename matching with UNIX shell patterns
Common unicode operations
Actors library for Nim inspired by akka-actors
Pack rects into bigger rect
A new awesome nimble package
Ping hosts using tcp packets
Dimensionful types and dimensional analysis.
Central Bank of Argentina Gov API Client with debtor corporations info
rect is a command to crop/paste rectangle text.
Color management utility for X
HTML & CSS Minify Lib & App based on Regexes & parallel MultiReplaces
Statistic-driven microbenchmark framework
Crosscompile Nim source code into multiple targets on Linux with this proc.
Nim library for implementing JSON-RPC clients and servers
Kaitai Struct runtime library for Nim
A simple and lightweight terminal coloring library.
Flexible JSON manshal/unmarshal library for nim
Convert CSV files to JSON
JSON Web Tokens for Nim
Wrapper for cairo, a vector graphics library with display and print output
Nim Barreto-Naehrig pairing-friendly elliptic curve implementation
Redneck Translator for Y'all
Concise Binary Object Representation decoder (RFC7049).
libgcrypt wrapper
Implementation of the Fletcher checksum algorithm.
A library providing zero-cost chaining for functional abstractions in Nim
lolcat implementation in Nim
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) APIs
High level, asynchronous file API mimicking Python's file interface.
Parser for Cirru syntax
Bindings for Closure Compiler web API.