A wrapper for the vk.com API (russian social network)


VK API for Nim

Documentation can be found here

This is the wrapper for vk.com API written in @nim-lang It gives you the ability to call vk.com API methods using synchronous and asynchronous approach.

In addition this module exposes macro @ to ease calling API methods

vk.com API works only on HTTPS, so you need to use -d:ssl compilation flag:

nim c -d:ssl myapp.nim

Here are some simple examples of usage:

Get first name of Pavel Durov, creator of the VK social network

import vkapi
# We can some VK API methods without authorization
# Create new API object
let api = newVkApi()
api.login("your login", "your password")
# Call users.get method with user_id = 1 parameter
let data = api.request("users.get", {"user_id": "1"}.toApi)
# data is JsonNode, so we'll need to get first element from this json array
# and get first_name field. You can go to VK API documentation for info
# on object fields
echo data[0]["first_name"].str

This example can be also rewritten using @ macro:

import vkapi
let api = newVkApi()
api.login("your login", "your password")
echo api@users.get(user_id=1)[0]["first_name"].getStr()

Add "Hello world from Nim Language!" post to your wall. Only you and your friends could see it:

let api = newVkApi()
api.login("your login", "your password")
api@wall.post(friends_only=1, message="Hello world from the Nim programming language!")

Print IDs of all your friends who is currently online from the phone:

import vkapi
let api = newVkApi()
api.login("your login", "your password")
for id in api@friends.getOnline(online_mobile=1)["online_mobile"]:
  echo id

In what cities most of your friends live?

import vkapi, strutils, tables

let api = newVkApi()
let table = newCountTable[string]()
api.login("your login", "your password")

for friend in api@friends.get(fields="city")["items"]:
  if "city" in friend:
    table.inc friend["city"]["title"].getStr()

for key, val in table:
  echo("$1 people lives in $2" % [$val, key])
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