Library for detecting the format of an video file



nim-vidhdr is a Nim module for determining the type of an video from a given file, filename, or sequence of bytes. It can detect many common video formats.


testVideo(file : File)
testVideo(filename : string)
testVideo(data : seq[int8])

nim-vidhdr can also be used as a command line program:

vidhdr [filename1] [filename2] ...

List of detectable formats:

  • MPEG4 - MPEG-4 video file - VideoType.MPEG4
  • MOV - QuickTime movie file - VideoType.MOV
  • M4V - MPEG-4 video/QuickTime file - VideoType.M4V
  • DVD - DVD Video Movie file - VideoType.DVD
  • IVR - RealPlayer video file (V11 and later) - VideoType.IVR
  • RM - RealMedia streaming media file - VideoType.RM
  • WMV - Microsoft Windows Media Audio/Video file - VideoType.WMV
  • FLV - Flash video file - VideoType.FLV
  • OGV - Ogg Vorbis video file - VideoType.OGV
  • AVI - Windows Audio/Video Interleave file - VideoType.AVI
  • DAT - Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 movie file - VideoType.DAT
  • THP - Wii/Gamecube video file - VideoType.THP
  • Unknown format - VideoType.Other

Note that this should ONLY be used when you are certain that the file being testing is a video file. Some formats, in particular OGV, WMV, and DAT, have the same file signatures as other widely known formats that could cause issues if those are tested.


nim-vidhdr is released under the MIT open source license.

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