A wrapper for libui



This package wraps the libui C library. It also provides a high-level Nim binding for it.

To get started, install using Nimble:

nimble install ui

or add it to your project's Nimble file:

requires "ui"


  • gtk+-3.0

Linux: $ sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev

OSX: $ brew install gtk+3

You should then be able to compile the sample code in the examples/ directory successfully.

Static vs. dynamic linking

This library installs the C sources for libui and statically compiles them into your application.

Static compilation is the default behaviour, but if you would prefer to depend on a DLL instead, pass the -d:useLibUiDll to the Nim compiler. You will then need to bundle your application with a libui.dll, libui.dylib, or libui.so for Windows, macOS, and Linux respectively.

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License: MIT

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