Stack-based arbitrary-precision integers - Fast and portable with natural syntax for resource-restricted devices


Stint (Stack-based multiprecision integers)

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A fast and portable stack-based multi-precision integer library in pure Nim

Main focus:

  • Portability
    • 32 and 64 bit arch
    • ARM for usage on mobile phones
    • Additionally RISC-V and MIPS for open hardware and low power IoT devices.
  • Speed, library is carefully tuned to produce the best assembly given the current compilers. However, the library itself does not resort to assembly for portability.
  • No heap/dynamic allocation
  • Ethereum applications
    • Uint256/Int256 for Ethereum Virtual Machine usage.
    • Uint2048 for Ethereum Bloom filters
  • Ease of use:
    • Use traditional +, -, +=, etc operators like on native types
    • Representation of numbers in memory is the exact same as native types and endianness aware.
      • In practice that means that interfacing with binary blobs representing numbers from cryptographic libraries can be done with a cast if it represents a Uint256, Uint512, Uint1024, Uint2048.
    • converting to and from Hex
    • converting to and from decimal strings


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