A SIMD-accelerated vector library written in C99 with Nim bindings.




Sol (not to be confused with sol or sol or sol) is a fast and portable vector library written in C with first-class Nim bindings.

More details will be put here eventually, and documentation will be put out sometimeā„¢.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <sol/sol.h>

int main() {
  f32x2 v = f32x2_set(0, 1);      // Initialize a vector at x = 0, y = 1.
  v = f32x2_rot(v, f32_pi);       // Rotate by pi radians counterclockwise. (180 degrees.)
  printf("%f, %f\n", x(v), y(v)); // Prints 0, -1.
  x(v) = 5;                       // Setting can also be done via the scalar accessor; it is a macro, not a function.
  printf("%f, %f\n", x(v), y(v)); // Prints 5, -1.
  return 0;

And the same thing in Nim:

import sol

var v: float32x2 = f32x2(0, 1) # Here more idiomatic names like "float32x2" are used for types. "f32x2" is analogous to "f32x2_set".
v = v.rot(f32_pi)              # Functions are overloaded instead of having the type name in them, for brevity.
echo v                         # Stringify is overloaded for the vector types; no need to format.
v.x = 5
echo v
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