Library for converting sequences to strings. Also has PHP-inspired explode and implode procs.



$ nimble install sequester

Sequester is a lightweight library for the Nim language that contains procedures to convert between sequences and strings. Additionally, it includes PHP-inspired explode and implode procedures.

Quick Docs

Complete documentation can be generated with the command nim doc sequester.nim, or found at

The following procedures are exported:

proc asString*(s: openarray[char]): string {.noSideEffect, procvar.}

proc asString*(s: openarray[uint8]): string {.noSideEffect, procvar.}

proc asString*(s: openarray[int]): string {.noSideEffect, procvar.}

proc asString*(s: openarray[int8]): string {.noSideEffect, procvar.}

proc asIntSeq*(s: string): seq[int] {.noSideEffect, procvar.}

proc explode*(s: string; delimiter = ""): seq[string] {.noSideEffect,

proc implode*(s: openarray[string]; separator = ""): string {.noSideEffect,

iterator intItems*(s: string): int {.noSideEffect.}
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License: ISC

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