Wrapper of the SDL 2 library for the Nim language.



sdl2_nim is a wrapper of the SDL 2 library for the Nim language.

You need to have SDL 2 dynamic libraries installed on your system.


  • SDL 2.0.10
  • SDL_gfx 1.0.1 (fully 1.0.4 compatible)
  • SDL_gpu 0.11.0
  • SDL_image 2.0.4
  • SDL_mixer 2.0.4
  • SDL_net 2.0.1
  • SDL_ttf 2.0.15
  • SMPEG 2.0.0

What is not implemented here:

  • OpenGL headers (use opengl lib instead)

Versioning scheme:


a.b.c - underlying SDL2 version
d     - sdl2_nim revision


Q: Why does this exist if there's an official nim-lang/sdl2 repository?

A: This wrapper actually was created before the official (Aug. 2013 vs. Mar. 2014). Maybe I wouldn't have made it if there already was a wrapper at the time.

Q: How is it different from the official wrapper?

A: Obviously, it can't be much different, as they both are wrappers for the same library, but what comes to mind:

  • This one is fully documented, nim-style, with the generated documentation as a bonus;
  • I personally created a series of highly commented examples for almost every aspect of the library and its "satelites" (gfx, ttf, etc.);
  • Design decisions that I thought made more sense than official one's (like Event type through {.union.} vs. evConv template with casting; naming sceme closer to the original sdl2, etc.);
  • Source files' structure is closely following the original library.

Q: Why should I use this one vs. the official?

A: No reason. It's a question of preference.

Q: Where could I find smpeg2.dll?

A: It is distributed within SDL2_mixer 2.0.1 and older builds.



  • updated to SDL-2.0.10 (see changelog)
  • updated documentation


  • updated x11 includes (sdl_syswm)
  • updated pragmas to a new style


  • updated to SDL_ttf-2.0.15


  • updated to SDL-2.0.9 (see changelog)
  • updated examples to Nim v0.19.0
  • minor bugfixes
  • updated documentation


  • updated to SDL-2.0.8 (see changelog)
  • updated documentation


  • added SMPEG 2.0.0
  • updated examples, added smpeg example
  • added some convenience templates
  • bugfixes and documentation updates


  • updated to SDL-2.0.7, SDL_image-2.0.2, and SDL_mixer-2.0.2 (see changelog)
  • updated documentation


  • events iterator and memory allocation procedures (by krux02)
  • tupleToColor converters
  • various bugfixes and documentation updates


  • updated to SDL2-2.0.6 (introduced no breaking changes for 2.0.5, see changelog)
  • added SDL_GPU 0.11.0 (kudos to Serenitor)
  • minor bugfixes and documentation updates


  • changed versioning system to reflect the underlying SDL2 version
  • fixed uint8 emum bug
  • fixed pixels.nim templates
  • fixed windows threads
  • various minor improvements
  • documentation enhancement

v0.96 beta

  • added sdl_syswm.nim
  • updated SDL2_ttf to v2.0.14
  • added more SDL2 examples
  • Nim 0.14.0 adaptation
  • updated to SDL2-2.0.5

v0.95 beta

  • Nim 0.12.0 adaptation
  • updated to SDL2-2.0.4
  • added SDL2-gfx
  • type-related fixes
  • different fixes
  • documentation fixes and formatting
  • added html documentation
  • added SDL2 examples

v0.9 alpha

  • added SDL2-mixer
  • different fixes

v0.8 alpha

  • added haptic.nim
  • added SDL2-image
  • different fixes

v0.7 alpha

  • added SDL2-net
  • added event convertion templates
  • different fixes
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