Random curated Fonts and pastel Colors for your UI/UX design, design for non-designers.



Random curated Fonts and pastel Colors for your UI/UX design, design for non-designers, poors man design. Nim package. Works OK with NodeJS.


Bulma CSS & Spectre CSS Support

Compile-Time Templates that wrap HTMLGen to spit Bulma & Spectre ready HTML. Also 1 button and 1 anchor Template tag that Auto-Disables itself on click. We use Bulma & Spectre CSS Frameworks because they are the only CSS Frameworks that do Not use JavaScript since Nim runs on the frontend makes perfect fit. For more info see https://bulma.io & https://picturepan2.github.io/spectre/getting-started.html

import random_font_color
echo Table("my table")
<table class="table is-bordered is-striped is-hoverable table-striped table-hover">my table</table>


>>> import random_font_color
>>> echo get_random_handwriting_font()
>>> echo get_random_mono_font()
>>> echo get_random_display_font()
>>> echo get_random_sans_font()
>>> echo get_random_serif_font()
>>> echo get_random_font()
>>> echo get_random_pastel_color("dark")
(name: "darkgray", hexa: "#a9a9a9", rgb: [169, 169, 169], rgb_percent: [66, 66, 66])
>>> echo get_random_pastel_color("light")
(name: "lavenderblush", hexa: "#fff0f5", rgb: [255, 240, 245], rgb_percent: [100, 94, 96])
>>> echo get_random_pastel_color()
(name: "chocolate", hexa: "#d2691e", rgb: [210, 105, 30], rgb_percent: [82, 41, 11])
echo get_random_css_pattern()
  linear-gradient(transparent,transparent 10px,#fff 10px, gray 14px,#fff 15px,rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) 14px,rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)),
  linear-gradient(135deg,transparent,transparent 12px,#fff 12px,#000 15px, transparent 15px,transparent),
  radial-gradient(10px 10px,circle,#FFF 7px,transparent 9px);
background-size: 35px 30px,4px 30px,20px 30px;
background-position: 0px 8px,31px 35px,25px 10px;
background-color: #87cefa;
background-repeat: repeat-y;


node random_font_color.js

(name: "forestgreen", hexa: "#228b22", rgb: [34, 139, 34], rgb_percent: [13, 54, 13])
(name: "mintcream", hexa: "#f5fffa", rgb: [245, 255, 250], rgb_percent: [96, 100, 98])
(name: "darkslategray", hexa: "#2f4f4f", rgb: [47, 79, 79], rgb_percent: [18, 30, 30])
  • Compiled using nim js -d:nodejs random_font_color.nim.


nimble install random_font_color




Description: Get a random dark or light color as string, useful for CSS styling.. The proc does not accept char only string.


  • tone A one of "dark" or "light", dark for dark colors and light for light colors, string type, optional.

Returns: tuple type.

  • All other proc cant take any arguments at all, just use them directly.

Description: Get a random seamless CSS3 pattern with pastel colors as string. For quick HTML styling. This patterns have been tested on HTML/CSS with one each other, they look pretty good on all combinations, we are not Designers, but this is useful for quick templating and boilerplates styling. From lea.verou.me/css3patterns and bennettfeely.com/gradients and my own.

Arguments: None.

Returns: 1 random seamless CSS3 pattern with pastel colors, string type.


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License: LGPL 3

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