Simple screenshot library & cli tool made in Nim


Nim Screenshot Utility (nsu)

This library/tool was made for Pomf It !



Nsu is very simple and small screenshot library / tool with very basic functionality. Its was made as replacement of external tool dependancy for pomfit ('scrot').

This library is crossplatform (Windows & Linux). On Windows it was implemented through the old win32 api. On Linux based systems, it was implemented through the x11 api. OSX support not planned unless someone donates a macbook.

Note: You can compile this library to cmd line tool.


  • Nim compiler and nimble package manager. *(preferably nim 0.18.0 and up)
  • For compiling, this library depends on x11 oldwinapi and png Nimble packages.
  • For runtime, libpng and zlib.



Run nimble install nsu. Nimble will install both binary and library for you.


You can build nsu as standalone tool, a lesser(?) brother of scrot. Use nimble to install x11 oldwinapi png packages.

git clone https://github.com/Senketsu/nsu.git
cd ./nsu
nim c nsu.nim

Copy or symlink the binary into your /usr/local/bin directory.


Compiling issues: Please make sure you are using Nim >=0.18.0 If you are using older Nim compilers (0.17.x and below), please compile with '-d:deprecated' (and update your build system) Windows & libPNG You might have issues with libpng as the wrapper is more up to date then the libraries Nim is shipped with. (as of April 01 2018 | Nim 0.18.0) If you have up to date libraries from another source or you build them yourself, good on you !



Usage: nsu [options] .. [filename]
  Options with no arguments or group of options with only one having argument,
   can be put in one section.
   e.g: nsu -acd:5
   (Takes active window screenshot with countdown of 5 seconds.)

Options: [arguments]
  -h, --help		 Shows this help screen
  -v, --version		 Will print current version information.
  -s, --select		 Lets you choose area or window to capture.
  -a, --active		 Will capture active window screenshot.
  -f, --full		 Will capture full screen.
  -d, --delay [num]	 Will delay capturing by given number of seconds.
  -c, --count		 Will show textual countdown of the delay.
  -p, --path [text]	 Will use given path to save ss into.

  nsu -fcd:5 -p:/home/senketsu/Pictures nsu_test.png
  This will countdown from 5 seconds to capture full screen
    and save it into my Pictures folder with the name nsu_test.


Simply include nsu into your project and use these calls. Every call returns file path to newly made screenshot or empty string if it fails.

The main procedure

proc nsu_take_ss*(mode: NsuMode, fileName: string = "", savePath: string = "", delay:int = 0, countDown: bool = false): string =

  • @mode - NsuMode for screenshot [FULL, AREA,ACTIVE_WIN, SELECT_WIN]
  • @fileName - user specified filename (optional)
  • @savePath - user specified path to save into (optional)
  • @delay - Delay in seconds (useful only for FULL or ACTIVE_WIN mode screen shot) (optional) [max 15sec]
  • @countDown - To output countdow into stdout

Or you can call the convenience procs

proc nsu_active_win_ss*(fileName,savePath: string = "",delay: int = 0): string =

  • Convenience proc for active window screenshot. Optional fileName, savePath, delay parameters.

proc nsu_select_win_ss*(fileName,savePath: string = "",delay: int = 0): string =

  • Convenience proc for selected window screenshot. Optional fileName, savePath, delay parameters.

proc nsu_area_ss*(fileName,savePath: string = "",delay: int = 0): string =

  • Convenience proc for area(or selected window) screenshot. Optional fileName, savePath, delay parameters.

proc nsu_full_ss*(fileName,savePath: string = "",delay: int = 0): string =

  • Convenience proc to full screenshot. Optional fileName, savePath, delay parameters.


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License: MIT

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