zbar wrapper for Nim


Nimzbar is a Nim wrapper for the zbar library.

Nimzbar is distributed as a Nimble package and depends on nimgen and c2nim to generate the wrappers. The zbar source code is downloaded using Git so having git in the path is required.


Nimzbar can be installed via Nimble:

> nimble install

This will download, wrap and install nimzbar in the standard Nimble package location, typically ~/.nimble. Once installed, it can be imported into any Nim program.

Nimzbar is not supported on Mac as of yet. PRs enabling support are welcome.


Module documentation can be found here.

Refer to the tests directory for examples on how the library can be used.


Nimzbar wraps the zbar source code and all licensing terms of zbar apply to the usage of this package.

Credits go out to c2nim as well without which this package would be greatly limited in its abilities.


Nimzbar is a work in progress and any feedback or suggestions are welcome. It is hosted on GitHub with an MIT license so issues, forks and PRs are most appreciated.

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License: MIT

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