Client library for the Postmates API



a client library for the Postmates API written in Nim

version: 0.0.1


You'll need to get your customer_id and key from Postmate's developer page. Credentials are stored in a json file like so:

  "customer_id": "XXX_XXXXXXXXXX-XXX",

Keep this file in the same directory as your script.

Getting Started

Make sure you have nim >= 0.17.2 with nimble installed as well.

You can clone this repo and run the example from the root directory with nimble example

Be sure to specify -d:ssl when compiling (I usually keep this in the .cfg file)

More documentation can be found at

Documentation for the Postmates API found at


This is a brand-new module. If you find bugs or features that need to be added, PR away!

Recommended way of contributing:

  • fork and clone the repo
  • run nimble develop, this will symlink this repo to your .nimble directory (changes are instant; no need for running nimble install over and over...)
  • test changes
  • write and generate docs
  • create a pr


There are currently no tests :(

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License: Apache 2

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