Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael Algorithm



Advanced Encryption Standard

Rinjdael Algorithm written in Nim

initially this was part of nimPDF project, then I decided to release it separately


var aes = initAES()
let input = "0123456789ABCDEF"
let key = "FEDCBA9876543210"
if aes.setEncodeKey(key):
  let encrypted = aes.encryptECB(input)
  if aes.setDecodeKey(key):
    let decrypted = aes.decryptECB(encrypted)
    assert decrypted == input

both setEncodeKey and setDecodeKey accept 128, 192, and 256 bits key length

supported mode:

MODE Codec Pair IV 16 bytes IO EncKey DecKey
ECB yes no 1 block yes yes
CBC yes yes n x blocks yes yes
CFB128 yes yes n x blocks yes no
CFB8 yes yes n x blocks yes no
CTR no yes stream yes no
OFB no yes n x blocks yes no

output length always same with input length

1 block equal to 16 bytes

CTR mode accept arbitrary input length

IV = Initialization Vector

Codec Pair:

  • yes: have encrypt and decrypt
  • no: only one function both for encrypt and decrypt
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License: MIT

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