Nico game engine


NICO Game Framework

NICO is a simple game framework for the Nim programming language inspired by the PICO-8 API and built on top of SDL2.

What it does:

  • 16 Color Bitmap Graphics (you can load a custom palette)
  • Fixed or flexible custom display resolution with pixel scaling
  • Sprite drawing, load png spritesheets (can load multiple and switch between them)
  • Tilemap drawing, import json from Tiled
  • Drawing primitives: pixels, lines, rectangles, circles, triangles
  • Input: Keyboard, Gamepad, Mouse
  • Sfx playback: load and play oggs, configurable number of mixer channels.
  • Music playback: load and play one streaming ogg at a time
  • Text drawing: load and draw fonts from png, supports variable width fonts.
  • Export animated gifs


  • You will need to have the Nim compiler installed, as well as a working C compiler
  • Run nimble install nico
  • You can now import nico in your project, see the examples.

Why should you use NICO?

  • It's fun and easy to use
  • Learn Nim the fun way! It's a great new statically typed programming language that compiles to C.
  • You can build for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and potentially other platforms.
  • Should I use NICO instead of PICO-8?
  • Unlikely, if you're trying to decide between them, go with PICO-8. If you've been using PICO-8 and making games with it and want to rewrite them in a new language or extend them in ways that PICO-8 can't, maybe consider NICO, although there are other options too.

Future work:

  • API Documentation
  • Fully configurable inputs
  • More examples
  • Tests
  • Replace SDL2_mixer with a built in mixer with support for crossfading
  • Built-in chip synthesiser / integrate NimSynth
  • Editing tools
  • Utility modules for common higher level tasks

Games made using NICO:

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License: MIT

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