Nim Hessian Serialization Library encodes/decodes data into the Hessian binary protocol


Nim Hessian Serialization Library (NHSL)

The NHSL module is a partial implementation of the Hessian binary protocol. Hessian is a compact binary protocol for cross-platform web services and messaging. It allows you to represent binary data (integers, floats, lists objects, etc.) in a very compact form. This allows storage or communication to be small and fast.

For the Hessian spec, see http://hessian.caucho.com/doc/hessian-serialization.html

This is only a partial implementation of the Hessian protocol.


  • boolean
  • double
    • Compact: double zero
    • Compact: double one
    • Compact: double octet
    • Compact: double short
    • Compact: double float
  • int
    • Compact: single octet integers
    • Compact: two octet integers
    • Compact: three octet integers
  • list
    • Compact: fixed length list
  • long
    • Compact: single octet longs
    • Compact: two octet longs
    • Compact: three octet longs
    • Compact: four octet longs
  • string
    • Compact: short strings


  • binary data
    • Compact: short binary
  • date
    • Compact: date in minutes
  • map
  • null
  • object
    • Compact: class definition
    • Compact: object instantiation
  • ref
  • type
    • Compact: type references
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