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Note 1: There is a chance the main macro(maybeCase) may get merged into the standard library. If this happens I'll recommend people use that, but will accept bugfixes and reports on this library going forward, just no new features.

Note 2: The PR was not accepted, so maybe lives on!

An implementation of a maybe type, also known as option(al) in other languages.

Why Not Just use Option[T] from the standard library?: In short, this library doesn't throw exceptions. It achieves this by using a macro to provide a safe pattern in which a maybe object can't be invalidly accessed, see maybeCase in the docs for further details. For a small example:

var m = maybe.just(4)
maybeCase m:
  just x:
    var y = 3
    echo $(x+y)
    echo "no value"

var nada = maybe.nothing[int]()
maybeCase nada:
  just foo:
    echo "hi this is a value we cant print" & $foo
    echo "nope no value, nice try with your invalid access"
## This prints out:
## >> 7
## >> nope no value, nice try with your invalid access

Note that trying to access our local binding(x and foo) outside of the just blocks will result in a compile time error. This is how we achieve safe access.


Should be installed via nimble

nimble install maybe

License Info

Copyright (c) Josh Filstrup 2014-2019 Licensed under BSD3 (see for details)

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License: BSD 3-Clause

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