MathExpr - pure-Nim mathematical expression evaluator library


mathexpr, a math expression evaluator library in Nim nimble

Build Status This is a mathematic expression evaluator library in pure Nim (with no third-party dependencies). It supports many mathematical functions, also you provide variables and add custom functions. See example.nim for more info.


To install mathexpr, simply run:

$ nimble install mathexpr


Mathexpr has one exported procedure: proc eval(data: string, vars: TableRef[string, float] = nil): float:

import mathexpr
echo eval("((4 - 2^3 + 1) * -sqrt(3*3+4*4)) / 2") # 7.5
echo eval("+5^+3+1.1 + a", {"a": 5.0}) # 131.1

Also there's an eval template to simplify passing a table of variables:

import mathexpr, tables
# Eval template:
eval("a + b", {"a": 1.0, "b": 2.0})
# Eval procedure:
import tables
eval("a + b", {"a": 1.0, "b": 2.0}.newTable)

eval will return NaN if expression is invalid or cannot be evaluated! Also Inf (Infinity) can be returned if result is very big, or if OverflowError happened.

What is supported?

You can use these operators: +, -, /, *, %, ^

These functions are implemented:

  • abs(x) - the absolute value of x
  • acos(x) or arccos(x) - the arccosine (in radians) of x
  • asin(x) or arcsin(x) - the arcsine (in radians) of x
  • atan(x) or arctan(x) or arctg(x) - the arctangent (in radians) of x
  • atan2(x, y) or arctan2(x, y) - the arctangent of the quotient from provided x and y
  • ceil(x) - the smallest integer greater than or equal to x
  • cos(x) - the cosine of x
  • cosh(x) - the hyperbolic cosine of x
  • exp(x) - the exponential function of x
  • sqrt(x) - the square root of x
  • fac(x) - the factorial of x
  • floor(x) - the largest integer not greater than x
  • ln(x) - the natural log of x
  • log(x) or log10(x) - the common logarithm (base 10) of x
  • log2(x) - the binary logarithm (base 2) of x
  • max(x, y, z, ...) - biggest argument from any number of arguments
  • min(x, y, z, ...) - smallest argument from any number of arguments
  • ncr(x, y) or binom(x, y) - the the number of ways a sample of y elements can be obtained from a larger set of x distinguishable objects where order does not matter and repetitions are not allowed
  • npr(x, y) - the number of ways of obtaining an ordered subset of y elements from a set of x elements
  • pow(x, y) - the x to the y power
  • sin(x) - the sine of x
  • sinh(x) - the hyperbolic sine of x
  • tan(x) - the tangent of x
  • tanh(x) - the hyperbolic tangent of x


  • pi - The circle constant (Ludolph's number)
  • tau - The circle constant, equals to 2 * pi
  • e - Euler's number
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