Nim wrapper for the GitHub API


Nim GitHub API Wrapper

This is a wrapper for the GitHub API written in Nim. To get started add this to your .nimble file:

requires "github_api >= 0.1.0"

The import it into your project and create an instance of the GithubApiClient

import github_api

var client = newGithubApiClient()

# Or, with a auth token

var client = newGithubApiClient("b24123832b745c3fe5e4e6606het7co73e31f21")


After importing github_api and creating an instance of the GithubApiClient you can use the client to easily send requests, authenticated or not, to the GitHub API. Note: some requests do require authentication.

import json, streams
import github_api

var client = newGithubApiClient("b24123832b745c3fe5e4e6606het7co73e31f21")

var res = client.listUserRepos("watzon")

if res.status.startsWith("200"):
    var repos = parseJson(res.bodyStream.readAll())


I have gotten a lot done on this in a very short period of time, but there is still a lot left to do. Here are the planned features:

  • Base Client
  • Data Types
    • Activity
    • Gists
    • Gist Data
    • Apps
    • Migration
    • Organizations
    • Projects
    • Pull Requests
    • Reactions
    • Repositories
    • Search
    • Miscellaneous
      • Codes of Conduct
      • Emojis
      • Gitignore
      • Licenses
      • Markdown
      • Meta
      • Rate Limit
  • OAuth Authorizations
  • Basic Authentication
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License: WTFPL

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