Bindings for Chipmunk2D 6.x physics library



Chipmunk 6.1.* bindings for Nim 0.14.0 or higher.
Tested with Chipmunk 6.1.5


Installation can be done using the Nimble package manager from the shell/command line (Nimble has to be installed):

$ nimble install chipmunk

Notes on some examples:

The examples/planets.nim and examples/debugdraw_text.nim examples need to be compiled with the switch: -d:csfmlNoDestructors
This disables destructors in the Nim-CSFML library, otherwise you will get a lot of segfaults!
Thanks to BlaXpirit for pointing this out.

Using DebugDraw:

DebugDraw is a library for easily visualizing your simulation. Using it is simple, there is an example in the examples dir :)

Overridden functions

DebugDraw purposefully clashes with these functions:

  • debugDraw.addShape() - also creates the proper SFML shape for this shape, if you want to store user data pass it as an extra argument
  • debugDraw.removeShape() - destroys the sfml shape
  • debugDraw.get/setUserData() - handles the shape userdata correctly, do not call these before the shape is initialized

Call debugDrawInit() after you add statics!

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License: MIT

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