Wrapper for the C[++] library BearLibTerminal



This is a port of BearLibTerminal to Nim.


  1. Download the shared library binary from the BearLibTerminal web site.
  2. nimble install bearlibterminal
  3. Make sure the shared library is somewhere it can be found. For development, this would typically be the working directory of your program when it runs.


All functions are identical to the C versions, except:

  • int is aliased to BLInt
  • uint32 is aliased to BLColor
  • x, y, w, h is passed as a single BLRect
  • x, y is passed as a single BLPoint
  • w, h is passed as a single BLSize
  • Return values of TK_ON/TK_OFF are converted to bool
  • Functions requiring mutable pointers for multiple return values are wrapped to return appropriate types (string, BLSize)

The library also includes some bonus functions to save you some unsafe bit casts:

proc terminalGetCurrentLayer*(): BLInt = terminalState(TK_LAYER)
proc terminalGetCurrentColor*(): BLColor = cast[BLColor](terminalState(TK_COLOR))
proc terminalGetCurrentBackgroundColor*(): BLColor = cast[BLColor](terminalState(TK_BKCOLOR))
proc terminalGetIsCompositionEnabled*(): bool = terminalCheck(TK_COMPOSITION)
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License: MIT

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