A beanstalkd work queue client library.


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This is a Nim client library to connect to and use beanstalkd.

Status: Beta, ready for experimental usage, may not be production ready.


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Install this library using the nimble package manager:

nimble install beanstalkd


beanstalkd.nim maps pretty closely to the beanstalkd protocol. For complete module documentation, see

import beanstalkd

let client ="")
discard client.put("hello world")

let job = client.reserve
echo job
 #==> (success: true, status: reserved, id: 42, job: hello world)

let result = client.delete(
echo result
 #==> (success: true, status: deleted)


This project uses vagrant to bootstrap the development environment. To get started:

$ git clone
$ cd beanstalkd.nim
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant

Now to build and run all the examples, do:

$ ./test

Executables are located in /vagrant/build. To only compile the beanstalkd module, do:

$ ./compile

To re-generate module documentation, run:

$ ./gendoc

TODO: How to prepare new release...

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Available versions:
License: MIT

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