Static website generation



Baker is a simple static site generator written with nim, the proton template engine for templating, and markdown for content.


  • Static site generation (obviously)
  • Generate site from a Makefile (See the test site for an example)
  • Create blog or microblog posts
  • Resource compression (css, jpg)
  • Generate index pages (i.e. an index of blog or microblog - effectively multiple posts per page)
  • RSS generation
  • JSON feed generation
  • Sitemap generation
  • Tag pages (like index pages, with multiple posts per page, but by tag)
  • Federate posts to the fediverse via webmention (through sites such as
  • Jupyter-style code execution in pages (basic support at the moment, see here for an example)

Quick Start

Install Baker using the following command:

    nimble install baker

Create the skeleton of a new site by running the following:

    baker init mysite

A new directory (mysite) is created, containing a basic directory structure, and templates.

Create a new blog entry, by running the blog command:

    baker blog This is a test post title

Create a microblog entry by running:

    baker micro

Enter the text for your microblog post and hit enter twice to end the editing process.

Generate the html files for your site (including sitemap, rss feed, etc) using make (for newly changed files), or make force (to regenerate everything).

Current command-line:

Baker. Command line static website generator.

  baker blog <title> [--taglist <tags>]
  baker compress [--force]
  baker federate <targeturl> <directory> [--days <days>]
  baker generate [--file <filename>] [--force]
  baker indexes [--posts <num>] <directory>
  baker dump <filename>
  baker init [<dir>]
  baker jsonfeed <directory>
  baker micro [-]
  baker rss <directory>
  baker sitemap
  baker testserver [--port <port>]
  baker tags

  -h --help         Show this screen.
  --days            Number of days to federate (new posts only) [default: 1].
  --file            Generate a specific file.
  --force           Force re-generation, not just new files.
  --tags            Comma-separate list of tags, used for blog entries.
  --version         Show the version.
  --posts <posts>   Posts per index page [default: 10].
  --port <port>     Port to use with the testserver [default: 8000].
  --taglist <tags>  Comma separated list of tags [default: ""]

Available commands:
  blog              Generate a blog entry with the given title (and optionally tags).
  federate          Federate new posts (within a number of days) to the given target url using webmention.
  compress          Compress resource files (css, jpg).
  generate          Generate/render a file, or if no arguments given, all files with recent changes.
  indexes           Create the index pages for posts in a given directory.
  init              Setup a directory to use with baker.
  jsonfeed          Generate a json feed file for the given directory.
  micro             Generate a microblog entry (reads from standard-input, two newlines finishes entry).
  rss               Generate an RSS feed file for the given directory.
  sitemap           Generate the sitemap.xml file in the root directory.
  tags              Generate the tag cloud directory.
  testserver        Run a bare-bones webserver, for testing the generated files.
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Available versions:
License: Apache-2.0

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